Partners With Polkastarter, How They Are Going To Take NFT Gaming To The Next Level?

The crypto space has seen two major revolutions in two years. First, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is booming in the summer of 2020. Later, the mass adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pushed the boundaries of new use cases and the total value of the crypto ecosystem to over $100 billion in less than a year.

NFTs have been integrated in multiple industries, but their use in games has attracted millions of users who can finally get financial rewards for the time they invest in games. mummy.ioa project based on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, located in ancient Egypt and built using Unreal Engine 5, promises to stand out from its competitors.

Due to high adoption, the NFT gaming industry utilizing the GameFi model to reward users is saturated. wants to change the industry and connect entertainment games with innovative GameFi experiences.Recently, they Announce Partnership with Polkastarter, a major player in the NFT gaming and Web3 industry.

Chapter 1 of the Demo, titled “Battle of Ankhul”, will be released soon.

H2: sets out to realize its vision for NFT gaming and Polkastarter Gaming share similar visions and values ​​for the current NFT gaming industry and its future. According to the official announcement, Polkastarter will operate as an advisor to, contributing to the development of the project and bringing it to the “frontier of innovation.” and Polkastarter Gaming were founded by gamers with decades of experience. The team behind has worked at major video game companies such as Ubisoft and Square Enix, as well as major tech companies such as IBM.

Polkastarter hopes to bring over 100 million gamers to the Web3 and NFT gaming industry, and their partnership with is key to making that happen. Launchpad has partnered with Thetan Arena, Undead Blocks, Mobland, Wasted Lands, Cyball, and other important projects in the field.

The team behind spoke about their ultimate goal and why the partnership with Polkastarter Gaming is an important milestone in the development of the project:

Our goal is to pave the way for the mass adoption of blockchain gaming by ensuring that Mummy provides a fun and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience for traditional players and crypto enthusiasts alike.

H3: What makes different and why are they a game changer?

Video game players want to monetize the time they put into the game, they want to own their items, be part of the community, and have fun. Unfortunately, not all blockchain-based games offer all of these elements. will change that reality, bringing NFT gaming into the future by introducing a beautiful universe of immersive graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5, a system that powers some of the most popular titles in the traditional gaming industry. The game will also feature an innovative economic design created in partnership with, a creative and interesting combat system, character classes and deep lore that will lead players to a conflict between order and chaos in a world based on ancient Egypt.

according to project white paper, The team at has a firm vision to innovate and create a one-of-a-kind universe rich in lore and interesting mechanics. will make a name for itself in a competitive industry:

We strive to build An ancient world virtual world with exciting gameplay and plenty of social opportunities, players will thoroughly enjoy the experience while also earning and earning rewards.

As mentioned, below, you can first take a look at, its universe, combat system and beautiful graphics:

Early members will be able to participate in the upcoming Stela NFT airdrop.To have a chance to acquire these digital assets, players simply visit the project’s website and connect their wallet.

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