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Pennsylvania Media (September 21, 2022) – split continents The global GameFi leader ($SPS) released its latest card pack version, Riftwatchers, to the market on Thursday, September 15th at 2pm ET.

In 1 minute and 39 seconds, the company sold out all 500,000 packs during the pre-sale period. Within a few hours, members of the Splinterlands community also purchased 30,000 Chaos Legion packs and 1,300 validator node licenses, adding to the sold-out excitement. This marked one of Splinterlands’ biggest sales days to date.

Through a deflationary mechanism designed around Riftwatchers and validator license sales, all $SPS earned from the sale of these two assets is either burned immediately or sent to the SPS Foundation DAO. The results were astounding, with over $25 million in SPS permanently removed from circulation or sent to the DAO, and over 650,000 in-game $VOUCHER tokens burned.

The extraordinary success of this sale stands out during a period of continued bear market in the Web3 space, demonstrating the Splinterlands community’s unwavering commitment and loyalty to gaming and the economy. As the company continues to win, GameFi is emerging as a serious contender to bring Web3 technology to mainstream use cases.

Splinterlands chief executive Jesse “Aggroed” Reich expressed satisfaction with the sale.

“We know we’ve made a great game here, and our community is passionate about what we’re building in the Web3 space,” said Reich. “But even our greatest expectations, such a huge, rapid success in the Riftwatchers sale exceeded our expectations.”

“We were ecstatic,” he continued. “GameFi is here to stay.”

The company is in a period of rapid expansion and this year announced key partnerships with Warner Music Group (WMG) and the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). Splinterlands continues its ambitious growth period with the release of two Split World Tower Defense Game and their The latest NFT project, Runiwhich will allow Splinterlands to extend its interoperability to the Ethereum blockchain.

About the Split Continent:

Splinterlands is a fantasy-themed battle game founded by Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matt Rosen in 2018. It is currently the world’s leading blockchain game. Based on breakthrough Web 3.0 technology, the game will continue to grow steadily in 2022, with over 2.4 million users, 1 million active wallets, and 3-5 million daily blockchain transactions. It recently passed the important milestone of 3 billion battles, and its growing community operates in 149 countries and 10 languages. Thanks to the unique capabilities brought by the cryptocurrency industry, the Splinterlands interface allows players to own, hold and trade assets within the game and earn real rewards in the process, providing gamers with innovative and exciting ways to interact online.access to know more information.

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