Kojima Productions Announces Surprising Collaboration With NASA

Kojima Productions has teamed up with NASA to announce a new product inspired by Ludens that is sure to appeal to fans looking to upgrade their outfits.

Kojima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Announcing an amazing collaboration with NASA. However, this new partnership isn’t for gaming, but something else that will still appeal to fans. Kojima Productions’ mascot is an astronaut named Ludens, so NASA was a natural fit for this collaboration.

Kojima Productions seems to be interested in more than just video games, as the company already offers a variety of products from collectibles, clothing and keychains on its website. Currently, a portion of the proceeds from Kojima Productions’ merchandise will go to support Ukraine since the war between Russia and Ukraine began this year.

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A collaboration between Kojima Productions and NASA is producing a new stylish watch that will be available on the game company’s website on September 27, 2022. The promotional trailer for the watch opens up the various parts of the watch, which are assembled into a sleek design featuring the Kojima Productions logo and the words “EXTRA-VEHICULAR CREATIVE ACTIVITY Suit,” a reference to what Ludens wore for space travel suit. The nearly 30-second-long trailer ends with a familiar scene to Kojima fans, with Ludence standing on a surface overlooking outer space in the distance. Fans may want Hideo Kojima to talk about the watch and the partnership with NASA in a future episode of his new podcast, “The Structure of the Brain,” the first episode is already available for fans to enjoy.

A third-party company, Anicorn, created the Kojima Productions-exclusive watch using the NASA logo and a design based on the mascot Ludens. Anicorn announced on Twitter that the watch will be associated with time, space and Homo Ludens, just like “those who play games.” The watch was designed by Yoji Shinkawa, who was in charge of character design. Metal Gear Solid series and death strandingRegardless of Hideo Kojima’s next game, players can definitely expect Yohji Arakawa’s participation, and the possibility that this watch will somehow appear as an Easter egg.

Adding merchandise as Easter eggs to its games is not a new concept for Kojima Productions.exist Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima showed off a pair of sunglasses in a cutscene involving characters Ocelot and Snake. A replica of the Viper prosthesis was also made for amputees, showing off the red design and multi-grip feature.Watches are a welcome addition Kojima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Fans looking for a new beautiful watch to show their appreciation for gaming and science.

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