Genshin Impact May Be Getting Official Steam Deck Support

Valve’s Steam Deck currently has thousands of compatible games, and there’s been speculation that Genshin Impact could be coming to the device.

A user on Reddit highlights a video frame from TGS, which shows Genshin Impact packed in a steam deck, indicating that it may be supported by Valve handhelds. When the game launched in 2020, it became one of the best free games on PC. While the title will also be playable on PlayStation consoles and mobile devices, a Switch version will also be released, but won’t be downloadable and playable via Deck. But that may be changing.

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There are currently thousands of compatible games on the Steam platform that are either fully verified or at least playable, and that number is rising all the time. However, this is particularly relevant to the Steam PC storefront. The system is capable of running other games through emulation, so if Valve does choose to officially support it, the chance to see miHoYo’s open-world action RPG compatible with the device is something many would appreciate.

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regardless Genshin Impact Whether it will get Steam Deck support is unclear, but user Bar_Har spotted the game on a portable PC for a few seconds in a promotional video for Tokyo Game Show 2022.In the clip, timestamp 35:52 there are many decks placed on different podiums, each of which is showing a different game on the screen, e.g. my world and death stranding. Bar_Har has circled a particularly noteworthy one at the top of the screen, which shows Genshin Impact. While Valve doesn’t appear to have listed this game as a verified compatible or playable game, this suggests it may be available on handheld devices at some point.

At the time of writing, official parties have yet to confirm anything, and while there are currently workarounds to get the game running on decks, players run the risk of having their accounts banned if they try. Genshin Impact It’s currently only available on PC via direct download or the Epic Games Store, so the game may need to be released on Steam before Valve’s handheld is officially supported. Steam Deck has been compared to the Nintendo Switch in the past, but since its release, it has quickly been discovered that it can offer more features, such as the ability to install different operating systems like Windows.

Created more than $4 billion by March this year, Genshin Impact It has remained popular among gamers, especially those who like action role-playing games.Therefore, many will no doubt enjoy the opportunity to pass steam deckIt’s unclear if Valve plans to back the game, but hopefully a representative from the company will come forward and shed some light on the discovery.

Genshin Impact Available now on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with a Switch version in the works.

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