Ukraine-Russia war latest news: Putin makes nuclear threat as he declares ‘partial mobilisation’ in rare address to the nation

Vladimir Putin announces ‘partial mobilization’ as he supports separatist referendum

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial military mobilization in Russia and threatened to use nuclear weapons against the West in a dramatic escalation of his war on Ukraine.

Putin also warned Western leaders that Moscow would use “all means” to “protect” itself, saying: “This is not bluff.”

In a national address, the president accused Western leaders of “nuclear blackmail” against Moscow and said he “has a lot of weapons to respond.”

He also backed calls for referendums in eastern and southern Ukraine, as he accused the West of turning Ukrainians into “cannon fodder”.

The country’s defense minister said part of his mobilization decree would call for an additional 300,000 troops to support Ukraine’s war.

British and U.S. officials said Mr Putin’s mobilization and “sham referendum” were “an admission that his invasion had failed”.


Truss, Johnson and Biden ‘responsible’ for Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin’s former adviser has claimed that Prime Minister Liz Truss and her predecessor Boris Johnson, as well as US President Joe Biden, “have full responsibility for the war in Ukraine and the possible threat of nuclear war”.

Political scientist Sergey Markov was asked BBC Radio 4 If Russia thinks it can win a nuclear war, plan it today.

“I would say that everyone in the world is thinking about nuclear war right now,” he said.

“This nuclear war could be the result of the madness of US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Strass.

“Biden, Johnson and Truss are fully responsible for the war in Ukraine.”


Pope Francis criticises brutality, monsters and torture faced by Ukrainians

Pope Francis had called for de-escalating tensions in Ukraine, but made no mention of Russia or its president.

Speaking at the end of a full audience in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, the Pope said Ukrainians were being subjected to savagery, monsters and torture, calling them “noble” people who were martyred.

He told the crowd of his Tuesday conversation with Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, whose charity head is delivering aid in Ukraine.

Vatican media said Krajewski, a Polish man, was lightly shot while delivering aid last week. He also visited mass graves.


Britain could be under nuclear threat from Putin, his former adviser says in bizarre rant

A former adviser to Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russia may be preparing to use nuclear weapons against Western countries, including Britain.

Political scientist Sergey Markov was asked BBC Radio 4 If he believes that the Russian leader has clearly threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and also to start a full-scale nuclear war that will kill everyone, then the plan today is.

He replied “not everyone”, but added that “it could kill a lot of people in Western countries”.

Mr Markov said: “It is clear that Russia is not at war with Ukraine. Russia has no reason to use technological nuclear weapons against the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are our brothers, but the Ukrainians are occupied by the West.

“It’s the West that is fighting against the Russian army, which is using Ukrainian soldiers as slaves.”


Putin tries to ‘scare’ Ukraine and West into ‘abandoning’ efforts to retake Donbass

A senior British defence correspondent explained that Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation and referendum orders in the Donbass were meant to “scare the West and Zelensky from their goal of reconquering these parts of Ukraine”.

This morning, BBC Newsnight’s foreign affairs editor Mark Urban tweeted that Putin’s latest wave of announcements “attempts to lock the conquered regions of Ukraine (in 4 southern and eastern regions) with fake referendums. in Russia, and to deter Ukraine and the West from trying to retake those areas.”

He continued: “The logic announced this morning is about Putin’s desire to permanently conquer 15 [per cent] Neighboring countries are in complete violation of the post-1945 order. “

Read his thread in full here:


US joins UK in calling Putin’s mobilization order a sign of Russia’s ‘failure’

The US is now joining the UK in calling Vladimir Putin’s mobilization and “sham referendum” orders a sign of “Russia’s defeat”.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brinker tweeted this morning that Moscow’s statement was “a sign of weakness in Russia’s defeat.

“The United States will never recognize Russia’s claim to annexing Ukrainian territory, and we will continue to stand with Ukraine as long as it needs to.”

British Defence Minister Ben Wallace said earlier that Putin’s mobilization order was “an admission that his invasion had failed”, the British defense minister has said.


Putin’s new call to arms is to ‘admit his invasion failed’

Vladimir Putin ordered Russia to mobilize for the first time since World War II “to admit that his invasion failed,” the British defense secretary said.

Ben Wallace accused the Russian president and his defense minister, Sergei Shogui, of sending “tens of thousands of their own citizens to death, ill-equipped and poorly led”.

“No amount of threats and propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning the war, the international community is united, and Russia is becoming a global pariah,” he concluded.


Comments on Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilization have erupted on social media, sparking many divisions and divisions over whether the new call for arms will escalate Russia’s military operations in Ukraine and its influence beyond the border.

Some useful analyses of Russia’s new military order are listed below:


China urges dialogue to address ‘security concerns of all parties’

After Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West about what he called “nuclear blackmail”, China’s foreign ministry urged all parties to engage in dialogue and consultation to find a solution to their security concerns.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear.


Ukraine says partial mobilization is ‘predictable’, showing Russia’s war effort has failed

Mikhailo Podoljak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, said the partial mobilization by Russia was a predictable step that would prove highly unpopular and illustrate that the war was not going according to Moscow’s plan.

He says Reuters President Vladimir Putin has sought to blame the West for sparking an “unprovoked war” and Russia’s deteriorating economic situation.


Putin ‘refuses to understand Ukraine’, ambassador to Kyiv says

British ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons is the latest senior British official to condemn Vladimir Putin’s military statements

She tweeted: “Watched Putin’s speech. He still refuses to understand Ukraine. Partial mobilization and fake referendum will not change this fundamental weakness.”

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