Twitch to Ban Unlicensed Gambling Websites From Streaming

Twitch is responding to growing concerns about gambling on its platform by changing policies and significantly limiting who can stream gambling content.

In an update posted on Twitter (which you can read below), Twitch addressed the fact that gambling has become a major discussion point on the streaming platform. Sharing links or referral codes with sites offering slot machines, roulette or dice games has been banned, but Twitch admits that “we’ve seen some circumvent these rules, exposing our community to potential harm.”

On October 18th, the rules are changing. Twitch will no longer allow streaming from gambling sites offering slot machines, roulette or dice games, with one important caveat. Such streams will not be permitted for sites not licensed in the United States or “other jurisdictions that provide adequate consumer protections.” So gambling site streaming isn’t completely banned, it’s limited to licensed sites.

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Twitch will also continue to allow sports betting, fantasy sports and live poker on its platform. Other changes to gambling policy are expected, but it looks like we might have to wait until October 18 to know exactly what they are.

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