Twitch Staff Seen Accepting Crypto Payments From Streamer Trainswrecktv

Trainswrecktv appears to have sent two Twitch employees a total of $80,000 in cryptocurrency.

A new video that appears to show popular Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv handing out large cryptocurrency payments to two Twitch employees has gone viral following the company’s ongoing controversy over gambling site streaming. Trainswrecktv is one of several streamers that has recently started streaming gambling sites, prompting Twitch to crack down on it with a new update policy set to go live next month on October 18.

The video in question was shared on Twitter by Hasan Piker’s editor Ostonox. It shows Trainswrecktv chatting with him while playing the gambling site as he sent $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency to a Twitch employee account named Pepegafish, apparently a video platform developer, and Rellim, whose job title is unknown but says he is Twitch employees on their personal Twitter accounts.

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Understandably, this has raised concerns about Twitch’s future policy plans and how much of a say the streamer actually has in what’s going on behind the scenes. While it’s not known how much Rellim and Pepegafish themselves actually have on Twitch, it’s concerning that Trainwreckstv seems to be so blatantly arbitrary in paying its employees tens of thousands of dollars during the broadcast.

Twitch has decided to ban unlicensed gambling sites from its platform, but it’s not without a big push from a few of its biggest creators. For example, streamers such as Pokimane, Mizkif and Devi Nash had planned to stop streaming for a week over the holidays to force Twitch into action, arguing that cracking down on the company was the best thing to do.

Thankfully, it seems to be working, because starting October 18th, you should start seeing less unlicensed gambling on Twitch. Hehe, better than nothing.

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