Twitch Announces Gambling Ban In Wake Of Recent Controversies

Following the recent controversy surrounding platform gambling, twitch After days of discussions among anchors, action is now being taken to reduce online gambling. Online gambling has been an ongoing debate for years, though it has been front and center amid allegations that streamer Sliker has collected roughly $300,000 from streamers and viewers for his gambling habit. While the upcoming bans won’t target all gambling, they will stop some of the most common forms of gambling.

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Twitch announced the impending ban on its official Twitter, outlining the scope of its ban and policy changes that will be implemented on the platform in October 2022. The changes are intended to target gambling sites that offer slot, roulette, and dice games that are “not licensed in the U.S.” or other jurisdictions that provide adequate consumer protections. It will target specific sites currently frequented by streamers such as xQc and TrainwrecksTV, such as, but said it may identify other sites in the future that may fall under the new policy changes.

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While these will be banned from October 18, some exceptions will remain on the platform for streamers interested in certain gambling. The listed exceptions will apply to sites offering fantasy sports, sports betting and poker, while the full outline of its new policy will be published before it goes into effect in October.

The changes underscore the debate on the platform, which, while lingering in streaming for several years, has intensified in the wake of the Sliker controversy. Over the past two years, several streamers and viewers have started noticing that they are all being asked to ask for money, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and the British streamer found himself in a bind. As mentioned above, the streamer is believed to have borrowed over $300,000, although there has been speculation on social media that the amount could be higher.

After the information and allegations came to light, streamer Mizkif intervened on Slicker live, although he later found himself embroiled in other controversies as he was accused of sexually assaulting his friend and streamer CrazySlick.

Regarding policy changes, it will take time to see the impact of these changes on many streamers and larger platforms. It’s already a hot topic, with streamers like HasanAbi and TrainwrecksTV regularly discussing gambling’s place on Twitch and the potential impact it could have on viewers. It’s no surprise that the debate will continue and possibly intensify once the changes go into effect in October.

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