Today’s ‘Quordle’ Words, Answers And Clues For Wednesday, September 21

Today is the first day of fall! It’s officially pumpkin spice latte season, y’all.So when you play today’s game, grab a cup and take a sip Quadr (Or don’t, if you don’t like PSL. It’s cool!). If you can help you find today’s four words with some guidance, I’ll find some clues. If all else fails, I’ll tell you the answer directly.

For those joining the party for the first time, here’s how to play Quadr: Just started typing text. You have four five-letter words to guess, nine attempts to find them. The problem is that you play all four words at the same time.

If you find a letter in the correct position in any of the four words, it will light up in green. If a word contains a letter you guessed, but it’s in the wrong place, it will be displayed in yellow. After you use a letter in your guess, you’ll also see on the keyboard if it appears in any word. You can also check out practice games before doing your daily puzzles.

Here are some clues for today Quadr The game, then the answer:

Quordle thread for September 21st

  1. Word 1 (upper left corner) clue – connected state
  2. Word 2 (top right) clue – dark
  3. Word 3 (bottom left) Clue – Overused plot point in film or TV
  4. Word 4 (bottom right) clue – primates native to Madagascar
  5. There is a word with a repeated letter
  6. Today’s words start with U, G, T and L

Quordle Answers for September 21st

Spoiler alert! Don’t keep scrolling down this page until you’re ready for today’s content Quadr Answer.

Once you’re ready, take a look at today’s words…

That’s all I have for today Quadr Clues and answers. I’ll be posting tips and solutions for Thursday’s race on my blog as soon as possible.

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