Putin Orders Draft of Reservists for War in Ukraine, Threatens Nuclear Response

President Vladimir Putin’s speech was the clearest sign that Russia could not stand up to Ukraine.


Gregory Sysoev/Associated Press

MOSCOW — In a major escalation of the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised the threat of a nuclear reaction in the Ukrainian conflict and ordered the mobilization of the country’s reservists as Moscow seeks to support its military Malaise manpower and relaunch the attack after suffering a sting. losses on the battlefield.

“Russia will use all available means to deal with threats to its territorial integrity, this is not bluff,” Putin said in a national address, blaming the West for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, saying his forces were facing the most Good western armies and weapons.

The speech was the clearest sign yet that seven months after Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II, Russia was unable to stand up to Ukraine and the West, which were largely united behind Kyiv in the face of a Russian invasion.

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