Oraichain Labs US Launches With Asset Tokenization Platform That Aims To Broaden Access to Capital Markets

September 21, 2022 – New Jersey, USA

Oraichain Labs United States (OLUS) is a new fintech startup founded in the United States with the goal of modernizing and expanding access to capital markets by establishing itself as a leader in asset segmentation.

OLUS will develop a secure, scalable and compliance-focused infrastructure with the goal of harnessing the transformative power of decentralized ledger technology to simplify processes for asset owners and investors.

Blockchain adoption is increasing globally However, most asset owners in the real world lack the tools and expertise needed to capitalize on this exciting new technology trend. OLUS aims to meet the growing demand for on-chain expertise to develop a secure and user-friendly platform for slicing real-world assets.

OLUS’ blockchain-based asset issuance, management and investment workflow aims to revolutionize capital markets. Additionally, OLUS will provide tools to support on-chain verification of real-world assets, bringing new ways to access liquidity while ensuring compliance remains at the forefront.

Through technical collaboration with the Oraichain Foundation, OLUS will also develop a compliance-conscious token standard capable of enforcing KYC, transfer rules, lock-up periods and other control functions to meet regulatory requirements.

Since real-world assets come in many shapes and sizes, tokenization is not a “one size fits all” process. With this in mind, OLUS’ issuance workflow is flexible enough to support different investment types in a compliant manner. Using OLUS’s platform, both individuals and organizations can define and register assets by providing the required on-chain documentation.

In addition to its investment infrastructure, OLUS has developed systems designed to simplify due diligence for underwriters and buyers of privately held assets.

Asset issuers can upload documentation for each asset to a decentralized file storage platform, which is hashed on-chain and permanently stored in the associated metadata repository. Asset owners can then regularly update this document, providing investors with a near real-time snapshot of their performance, health factors, and cash flow.

OLUS will initially focus on bringing the value of its infrastructure to U.S. real estate and small and medium business (SMB) owners, with the potential to expand into other asset classes in the future. Real estate in particular is a traditionally illiquid asset class. Paper-driven complex due diligence processes often result in increased costs for investors.

By aggregating on-chain data and democratizing co-ownership for each of these assets, their goal is to help our asset owners unlock the value of their equity and allow them to scale rather than simply survive.

About Oraichain Labs USA

Oraichain Labs United States is a fintech development company focused on creating regulatory compliant and secure tokenized products for real world and digital assets. Our firm emphasizes data transparency and is committed to accelerating the growth and modernization of capital markets by bringing trust to digital asset issuance, management and investment.


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