New Island, New Problems; Vegapunk’s Identity Finally Unveiled

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  • It is said that “One Piece” 1061 is titled “Egg Head, Future Island”
  • Upcoming chapters set for release on Sunday
  • It will reportedly uncover the identity of the mysterious scientist

One Piece 1061 takes fans to a new island that may help solve some of the mysteries in the series, including the identity of Dr. Vegapunk and the weapons the World Government is working on. It also helps everyone gain a deeper understanding of one of the most peculiar characters of the Worst Generation – Jewel Bonnie.

Thanks to community insiders, early “One Piece” 1061 spoilers are out. They claim that the title of the chapter is “Egghead, Island of the Future”, referring to the island reportedly belonging to Dr. Vegapunk, a talented scientist employed by the Marine Corps. Close to the island is a naval base that houses some characters from the Punk Dangerous arc, including Tashigi and some SWORD members.

Helmeppo, Koby’s partner and son of former Navy tyrant Captain Morgan, apparently wanted to “borrow” Vegapunk’s weapon, the Seraphim, to rescue his partner. Elsewhere in One Piece 1061, Luffy, Chopper, and Bonnie are separated from the rest of the crew.

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Spoilers also tease that at the end of the chapter, there is a girl who claims to be Vegapunk. Egg Head Island exudes a strong atmosphere of punk danger, and legendary manga artist Oda Eiichiro Oda who created “One Piece” promises to reveal the mysteries of the manga, and it looks like this arc will answer many of the questions fans have been debating.

With Jewelry Bonney’s arc, she’ll likely work with the Straw Hats, just like what happened with Law. She also serves as a tool to give people a deeper understanding of Vegapunk’s identity.

Oda may reveal more about Bonney, including her powers and abilities. And since she’s a glutton, it’ll be interesting to see how she stacks up against Luffy’s eating prowess.

While not included in early spoilers, other fans speculated that One Piece 1061 will contain details about the kingdom of Lulucia and what happened to Kobe after the phone disconnected from the dragon. Maybe there will be an update for Vivi as well.

Fans can expect more spoilers between Wednesday and Thursday. Summary and raw scans are likely to be released between Friday and Saturday, with the official One Piece 1061 release expected on Sunday.

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