Marvel Snap’s New Nexus Location Allows for Insanely Big Power Pushes


The new Nexus locations in Marvel Snap give you a massive power boost in all lanes.

The Kaka balance patch isn’t the only exciting new Marvel Snap news coming out today. In addition to the negative mr nerf and Thor buff, we also have a new featured location called Nexus.

Not to be confused with the obsolete Nexus event, here is the position effect: Your power here is also delegated elsewhere.

It’s a pretty crazy positional effect because whatever power you have in the Nexus gets pushed into the other two positions. This means that if your opponent sends you a Hobgoblin at the Nexus, you will get -8 in all three positions, which can put you at a serious disadvantage. The obvious strategy here is to stack all the hardest cards on the Nexus, which will also give you a nice boost on the other two lanes.

Of course, if all your large minions are on the Nexus, the opponent will always surprise you with a 6-turn breath and wipe out all your hard work, so be careful. As a current featured location, players will have a 40% chance of encountering the Nexus during the second day of the game.

Marvel Snap will launch globally on October 18 for PC and mobile devices.

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