Hunter x Hunter Manga Returns In November After Four Year Hiatus

polygon Hunter x Hunter comics are reportedly returning after a four-year hiatus, official Teen Jump Twitter Account Confirmed that the next volume of Hunter x Hunter will be released in Japan on November 4th. The final volume was released on October 4, 2018, as creator Yoshihiro Togashi was forced to stop making the long-running series due to health issues.

Back in May, Togashi took to Twitter and began posting updates on his work, teasing the series’ initial return. While most of the posts are page numbers, hiding what’s on the actual page, he did tweet out more completed drawings and sketches without any clear information that would divulge the plot.

The premise of Hunter x Hunter takes place in a world where professional adventurers named Hunters do otherworldly quests and jobs, from monster hunting to fighting criminals, even treasure hunting and pirates. The story revolves around a young boy named Gon Freecs who takes the hunter exam in search of his long-lost father, a former legendary hunter. In the series, Jay meets Chia, the heir to a notorious family of assassins, Kurapika, the only survivor of a brutal genocide seeking revenge, and Leori, who wants to become a doctor and treat the poor for free O Paradine.

The Hunter × Hunter manga began serialization in Shueisha’s weekly Shonen Jump in March 1998, and Shueisha compiled most of the chapters into separate volumes. As of October 4, 2018, 36 volumes have been published.

In April 2005, Viz Media began publishing the manga in English in North America, but there is no English release date for the latest version, but it is expected sometime next summer.

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