How to Steal LeChuck’s Map to the Secret

part 2 Return to Monkey Island There are quite a few quests for players to complete. First, they needed to find a way to escape the cabin, and then they had to figure out how to get their hands on the flattened skull. After that, players will have two main story objectives that can be solved in any order.

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In addition to convincing the staff to agree to Guybrush’s plan, players also need to steal the secrets of LeChuck’s map to Monkey Island. This guide will cover the latter, while explaining what the player needs to do after completing both missions.

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How to steal LeChuck’s map to Monkey Island’s secrets

Return to Monkey Island After Gullet pours the potion and Guybrush is promoted to First Swab, players will be able to steal LeChuck’s map at any time. While LeChuck puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of this map, emphasizing that it’s the only one that exists, it’s actually quite easy to steal, although players need to hide their tracks to avoid getting caught.

To steal the map, players simply go to the deck of the ship and head to the far right. According to the note there, ringing a nearby bell twice would cause LeChuck to climb onto the deck and yell at his crew. After a few moments, the player will regain control and can then head to LeChuck’s now-empty cabin.Once there, they can get Le Chac map By replacing the map with the mop tree Wally made for Guybrush in Part 1.

How to get to Monkey Island

Assuming the player has gotten the staff to vote for his plan, they are now one step away from returning to Monkey Island. All that’s left to do is figure out a way to get Murray’s flattened skull to Captain Madison’s ship, which, like stealing a map, ends up being pretty simple. Players only need to load Murray into the cannon on the deck of the ship, after which Guybrush will automatically fire him.

Then there’s a short cutscene where Guybrush accidentally reveals his identity. Once it’s over, players will have the opportunity to take part in an insulting sword fight. Sadly, however, there is no way to win, so their choice makes no sense at all. Eventually, Guybrush will find himself knocked to the bottom of the ocean, which marks the beginning of the conversation about his extraordinary breath-holding ability and Part 3.

Return to Monkey Island Now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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