GTA 6 Leak Reveals Alligators, Sex Robots, Airboats, And Skunk Ape Sightings

Rockstar was the victim of a massive leak earlier this week, when a hacker posted videos and screenshots of some early versions of Grand Theft Auto 6. The video confirms some major details of the game, but eagle-eyed fans also spotted some odd details that appear to be random events.

information from Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku, they combed through the footage, looking for interesting details hidden in the reams of leaked material. While it’s still possible to find leaked content online, Rockstar has been removing copyrighted material and banning reposts on the GTA forums and GTA 6 subreddit.

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The leaks confirmed by Rockstar are real, having confirmed that the upcoming game will be set in Vice City and feature two main characters with Bonnie and Clyde-type relationships. Many of the series’ mainstays, such as strip club missions, are featured in the leaked footage, but more intriguing are new features – such as a drivable airboat, as well as new scuba diving and fishing mechanics.

Much of what Zwiezen mined came from debug information visible in one of the videos, not what was actually displayed on the screen. While it may not all make it to the end game, the debug menu offers a glimpse into the franchise’s tantalizing new features, such as the option to ride horses and tame animals – and it seems like there will be more than in previous installments.

These debug menus also offer a glimpse of the more bizarre aspects of what could be in GTA 6, with references to sex robots, haunted warehouses, spiritual journeys, UFOs, and skunk ape sightings. Skunk Ape is considered Florida’s answer to Bigfoot, the legend of which has long been part of the GTA franchise.

While Rockstar says it doesn’t expect any disruption to its live service or continued development following the leak, GTA 6 is still not expected to be released for a few years, which means we’ll have a while to wait to investigate all the game’s mysteries for ourselves .

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