Genshin Impact Player Discovers Clever Fullmetal Alchemist Reference in the Game

A Genshin Impact player discovered the clever Fullmetal Alchemist referenced by the Hoyoverse in an item during a tablet analysis event.

Japanese animation Full Metal Alchemist Since its first release in 2003, it has inspired many, and Genshin Impact Including cleverly hidden references to protagonist Edward Eric and his sacrifice. Like countless other games, Hoyoverse’s action RPG Genshin Impact Full of references to other media through Easter eggs that can be found around Teyvat Full Metal Alchemist– Furniture like eagle-eyed players find.

the universe Full Metal Alchemist Following the law of equal exchange, the practitioner is forced to make equal sacrifices when using powerful magic, which the protagonist is keenly aware of. While alchemists in anime often lose one thing in order to get what they need, Genshin Impact Players usually only need to spend game time to find things like the Herb Cauldron, which has an interesting item description. Reddit user Onepiece285 recently shared a post from Genshin Impact which shows a project referencing Edward Elric Full Metal Alchemist and what he lost to save his brother’s soul.

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Onepiece285’s Genshin Impact The image highlights a 3 star piece of furniture called “The Pot”, obtained from a tablet analysis campaign for decorating in the Serenitea pot and shell system. The description of the herbal cauldron refers to an alchemist named Hajanad who lost an arm and a leg to retrieve items, just as Edward lost limbs for Alphonse’s soul.irrelevant Full Metal Alchemistthen the project text goes on to say that Hajanad is no longer dependent on the herbal cauldron, despite sacrifices due to a “completely new research path.”

Genshin Impact Players who want to get a pot of herbs Full Metal Alchemist As part of a tablet analysis campaign, their own Easter eggs required specific trial characters to battle waves of enemies.Like many other recent changes to the game, this event is Genshin Impact With the 3.0 update, more and more players unlock it as they explore Sumeru and beyond.Cauldrons are used as outdoor items Genshin ImpactThe player housing, although the game suggests players can use it to make tea, the furniture is strictly aesthetic.

Although many Genshin Impact Players express enthusiasm for the game Full Metal Alchemist Onepiece285 found the easter egg, with some fans pointing out that losing an arm and a leg for something is a “common idiom”.

Genshin Impact Now available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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