Fortnite Leak Hints At A FIFA World Cup Crossover Later This Year

The World Cup could go to Qatar and The Loop.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 kicked off last weekend with a paradise-themed season, during which the island will slowly be engulfed in chrome. The new season means new files for game data miners to study, with a new finding that could hint that the World Cup is coming to Fortnite later this year.

No, not the Fortnite World Cup, the Soccer World Cup. The World Cup in Qatar kicks off in November, a little later than usual because players will have to play if the tournament takes place in the summer. As for Fortnite’s involvement, Wen Song Challenges tagged with the World Cup were found in the game files.

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Hypex has since shared the information, suggesting that the timing of the challenge could mean some sort of FIFA World Cup x Fortnite collaboration is in the works. This could be a huge business for both parties, so it definitely makes sense to collaborate. The World Cup prompted more people to play Fortnite, and the people who played Fortnite were persuaded to play a game or two.

The only bad news for anyone now excited about the possibility is that the link appears to be more fragile than the leaker initially thought. Hypex has since followed up on their initial tweet, clarifying that a source said it would be a regular football crossover with no official connection to the World Cup at all. Oddly, these challenges are branded World Cup and will likely be available when the tournament is in full swing.

While Fortnite has never officially partnered with FIFA in the past, many football players have added their likenesses to the game. Both Neymar and Harry Kane are immortalized in The Loop, and they will both play in the World Cup later this year. As for the confirmed crossover, you can currently get into a virtual version of The Tonight Show via Fortnite Creative.

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