Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Reveals Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Reunion has revealed that players who pre-order the upcoming game from retailer Best Buy will receive an in-kind reward.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion It was recently announced that fans who pre-order the game from retailer Best Buy will receive a special bonus on purchase. As one of the largest game and technology retailers in North America, Square Enix partnered with Best Buy to bring its fans unique physical pre-order bonuses for the upcoming action RPG, and it seems only right.

Recently, this game has caused a lot of buzz. September 2022 Nintendo Direct finally revealed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which likely triggered the opening of the reservation. Online and brick-and-mortar pre-orders are available at the Official Square Enix Store, GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and more. With the game just a few months away, these retailers may be trying to grab as much of the player base as possible by offering unique bonuses for their pre-orders.

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According to Best Buy’s official website, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Those who pre-order the action RPG will receive a special tin box with their purchase. Features of the “Hero’s Legacy” Tin Book Box crisis coreThe protagonist of Zach Fell holds his nemesis sword and poses with his back to the camera.Many fans may remember final fantasy 7The hero of Cloud Strife has a similar pose with the same weapon in the official key art. According to Best Buy, this Zack Fair artwork is still subject to change, and the steel box is only available while supplies last.

Square Enix also tweeted out the “Hero’s Legacy” tin box. However, the company didn’t specify which retailers will offer pre-order bonuses, and player groups should check their local stores for pre-order bonuses. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Availability of Steelbook cases. final fantasy 7 Fans interested in the item should probably wait until their favorite store announces or updates their sale page to include the same pre-order bonus.

The release of the action RPG is still a few months away, and fans may be excited to experience it Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunionupdated features and gameplay. With the title available on multiple platforms and consoles, final fantasy 7 inaccessible fans crisis core Will finally be able to complete the full picture of Zack Fair’s story and what it means to RPGs.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Will launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 13, 2022.

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