FBI Reportedly Investigating Rockstar Games Hacker Who Leaked GTA VI Footage


Uber is currently working with the FBI on the hacking group suspected of attacking them and Rockstar

Over the weekend, an alleged hacker leaked 90 videos of GTA VI in development. The same hacking group allegedly targeted Uber, as the company has published a blog detailing the attack it suffered, mentioning that the FBI is currently investigating.

Uber mentioned in its blog that the hacker was reportedly the same person who attacked Rockstar Games.

We believe this attacker (or attackers) is affiliated with a hacking group called Lapsus$, which has become increasingly active over the past year or so. The group typically uses similar techniques to attack tech companies, taking down the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta in 2022 alone. There were also reports over the weekend that the same actor had breached video game maker Rockstar Games. We are coordinating closely with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.

Rockstar has been known for years for locking down game information as tightly as possible, which makes the latest leak surprising. Various clips released to the public show the upcoming game’s fighting and driving gameplay, as well as full voice dialogue for the playable characters.

Since the leak, Rockstar has released a statement Confirmed it was attacked, but also disappointed with what happened. The company also assured fans that the leak won’t delay the development of GTA VI. However, as of this writing, Rockstar Games has not made any official comment that it is cooperating with authorities.

The latest game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, was recently released on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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