EA’s Iron Man Game Aims To Be A “100% Authentic Marvel Experience”

Unsurprisingly, EA and Marvel announced a new Iron Man game this week. More details about the project have now come to light, including that it may be far from launch.

The game is reportedly in pre-production, with only a “small team” currently working on it. GI.biz. In order to encourage developers to join EA for development, this game was exposed so early, Motive GM Patrick Klaus Say.

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“我們提前宣布遊戲的目標是邀請對漫威充滿熱情的開發者考慮加入 Motive,”克勞斯說,並補充說,這麼早宣布遊戲的另一個角度是幫助與粉絲建立對話。


與 GI.biz 交談時,Marvel Games 的老闆 Bill Rosemann 分享了更多關於 Marvel 在遊戲開發中的角色的細節,並表示他的團隊將“盡一切努力”幫助 Motive 的願景變為現實。

“我們能提供什麼幫助?我們可以作為背景的來源嗎?鋼鐵俠漫畫已經有六個十年了,我們可以從:‘讀這十個故事’開始。 我們在這裡尋求建議,”羅斯曼說。 “我們在這裡討論他們想要製作什麼遊戲,以及遊戲玩法如何與角色的願望實現相匹配……佈景、音樂、角色、故事內容。人們期待漫威的精彩故事和動機遊戲。這是我們工作的核心。”

羅斯曼說漫威會給 Motive “一切 [it] Yes”, so the studio can create “a 100% true Marvel experience”.

Meanwhile, producer Olivier Proulx, who worked on the Guardians of the Galaxy game, said the Marvel team is pushing Motive to “make a Motive version of Iron Man.”

“What new stories can we tell with Tony Stark? It’s been incredibly powerful for the team. It’s very about collaborating and collaborating on a weekly basis, pushing ideas, challenging each other… It’s a one-off Great experience,” said Proulx.

The new Iron Man game is one of many upcoming Marvel game projects, announced shortly after Uncharted director Amy Hennig’s team revealed a new Captain America/Black Panther game. information.

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