Cult of the Lamb Devs Tweet Out Early Version Comparison Video


Cult of the Lamb is a great game, it’s a great show of unity.

In an attempt to effectively hit back at those who slandered GTA 6’s leaked visuals, the Cult of the Lamb Twitter account tweeted a comparison showing the game’s early graphics builds. They mentioned/mocking about the commonly heard armchair developer comment “graphics is the first thing done in a video game”. The only thing missing is an alternate capitalization SpongeBob SquarePants meme.

Despite the reason for posting it, it’s pretty neat to see an early build of the game that we gave 5/5.

Here’s the full tweet and video, it does give a good insight into game development, and no, graphics aren’t the first thing. It’s pretty cool to see what seem to be two very different games side by side.

For those interested in what exactly Lamb worship is, steam Describe the game as:

Cult of the Lamb puts players in the role of an possessed lamb annihilated by ominous strangers and must build loyal followers in his name to pay their debts. Start your own cult in the land of false prophets, venture into diverse and mystical regions, build a community of loyal Woodland followers, spread your word and become a true cult.

If you’re interested in a second opinion, Cult of the Lamb is currently rated highly on Steam (80%-94% positive).

Regarding the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, Rockstar Games tweeted a message yesterday explaining some of what happened and confirming that the leak will not interrupt development.

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