‘China Has Always Stood Strong for Sovereignty of Nations, Integrity of Borders’

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, argued in an interview with CBS on Tuesday that China’s alliance with Russia puts itself in an “untenable position” because “China has always been steadfast in safeguarding national sovereignty. , Boundaries intact. It goes against what they say they believe.”

Thomas-Greenfield said: “Look, we will continue to engage with the Chinese in the Security Council. But Beijing should understand from the president’s statement that we have not changed our policy. We still support the one-China policy, but we are also defending Taiwan’s right to exist. To be clear, the President was clear about ’60 minutes’ in Sunday’s statement.”

CBS News correspondent Pamela Falk then asked: “Do you think there has been some change in China’s position on Ukraine? When we heard it from President Xi Jinping, it seemed to have. You see it here. ?”

Thomas Greenfield responded: “We’ve seen it here. I think China is put in an untenable position to ally with Russia in this unprovoked war. China has always been steadfast in safeguarding national sovereignty and border integrity. What they say is contrary to belief. So I am happy to hear that President Xi has raised his concerns with President Putin, and hopefully this will lead to a more aggressive denunciation of Russia by China in New York.”

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