CA Dem Says Republicans ‘Not Educated,’ ‘Susceptible to Conspiracy’

Jay Chen, a California Democrat who is running for U.S. Congress against Rep. Michelle Steele (R-CA), has blasted Republican voters, saying they are “uneducated” and “susceptible to conspiracy theories.”

Chen’s comments were made on a Zoom conference call hosted by activist Indivisible Sonoma. organize Claims to fight “the Republican Party’s existential struggle against fascism in America.”

Speaking of Critical Race Theory (CRT), the California Democrat claimed there was a “widespread attack on public education.”

List Say:

You know, there’s just been a broad attack on public education. These accusations “Oh, you know everything — if you’re teaching American history, if you’re teaching our history, like Japanese-American internment, that’s critical race theory, it’s going to make people feel bad, so We can teach it.” You know, “Our teachers are indoctrinating our students.”

Chen then admitted that he would face attacks from those who oppose the CRT:

You know, unfortunately, I’m going to be the recipient of some of these attacks. They will claim that because our district is teaching Chinese, it means we are trying to instill communism in our students. Literally, this will be one of the points of attack that they will come up with.

Following his comments to the CRT, Chen continued to attack Republican voters.List Say:

But it’s part of a broader attack to legitimize public education, because honestly it improves, increases their voter base. If you have uneducated people who are susceptible to conspiracy theories, they will join the Republican Party.

Chen’s comments to Republican voters are not the first time Democrats have come under fire for his off-the-cuff remarks.

More than 20 Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) advocacy groups protested Chen’s “racist” remarks about Rep. Steele outside his office.

Chen had previously made fun of Steele’s accent, saying: “You kind of need a translator to figure out what she’s talking about.”

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