BTS Is Coming To Cookie Run: Kingdom

BTS will soon appear in Cookie Run: Kingdom as a cookie in a crossover collaboration called Braver Together. Each BTS member will receive their own unique in-game cookie character, and the collaboration will include a BTS-themed map as well as an in-game performance by the BTS cookie.

The BTS collaboration will go live on October 13, and from September 24 to September 30, developer Devsisters will release photo cards and teaser videos.

Play now: CookieRun Kingdom And Brixity – Game Trailer

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of several Cookie Run games from Devsisters and is essentially a gacha-slash-rpg game where players get cookies and fight cake monsters. The BTS collaboration isn’t the only crossover for Cookie Run: Kingdom in October — a Disney collaboration featuring Lilo, Stitch, Ariel, Mickey, and Belle will also appear on an unknown date in October.

Devsisters has several new games in development, such as Brixity (a mobile construction sim) and Dead Cide Club (a side-scrolling shooter). In Brixity, players need to help humanity restore Earth to a habitable environment. A substance called Brix is ​​key to this task.

Cookie Run: Kingdom runs on Android and iOS.

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