Bloodborne PC Port Will Reportedly “Take Some Time” As FromSoft Is Busy With Elden Ring

It looks like we’ll have to wait a while.

Players have been asking for a PC port of Bloodborne since the game’s original release in 2015. While we still don’t know anything official, the latest update from a reliable insider might give us a glimmer of hope, or at least explain why it hasn’t happened yet.

GamesBeat reporter and insider Jeff Grubb recently appeared in Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast And discussed a variety of topics, including Bloodborne. Referring to a possible PC port, he said: “I think the answer is that nothing is happening in Bloodborne right now. I think the reason is still that FromSoftware is very busy with Elden Ring”.

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He continued that the porting couldn’t have been done without the involvement of the original developers, “FromSoftware built the game in such a way that you couldn’t just hire a team to go there and do the work for them. You had to work with FromSoftware”. Given that the port requires a lot of hand-holding, Grubb doesn’t think FromSoftware has time to do so right now. While this is far from a confirmed Bloodborne release for PC, it does hint at why it hasn’t happened yet.

Grubb also suggested that Sony could hire another development team to help develop a possible PC port. It’s more likely now than ever, not only because Bloodborne is a PlayStation exclusive, but because Sony and Tencent now jointly own 30% of FromSoftware. Sony even bought Nixxes to help it work on the PC port.

To make up for the lack of the PC version, fans have been modifying various aspects of the game into Elden Ring. For example, one recent mod brought Bloodborne’s iconic pistol to the game, while another went a step further and added Bloodborne’s combat mechanics. Additionally, players even figured out how to recreate the infamous “Father Gascoigne” as a building in the Elden Ring. If that wasn’t enough, one Minecraft player even recreated the world of Yharnam as a tribute to the game.

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