Apex Legends season 15 release date, new legend, and map details

This Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date Coming soon, it seems like it will bring a whole new lore, map, and heirloom. The battle royale game is constantly evolving as more content is added each season. Loba’s Apex Legends Heirloom looks set to launch in Season 15, but we’ve already confirmed it’s heading to the Beasts Collection event. That means there are seven legends to get heirlooms in the next major update.

The last season of the year is often the most exciting, with the first three seasons introducing a whole new map to the game. Judging by the data breaches we’ve seen, Season 15 will continue this trend. Here’s everything we know so far about the latest season, including who the next Legendary character is, where the new map is located, and more.

Expected season 15 release date

According to known leakers, Tom Henderson, Apex Legends Season 15 is called Eclipse and will launch on November 1st. Since this date coincides with the end of the Season 14 Battle Pass, Season 15 will likely begin around this time.

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The name Eclipse can give us a hint of what we should expect from the latest season.In Seer’s Apex Legends character trailer, the narrator begins the video by saying, “An ominous omen for Obi’s [Seer] Birth”, which evokes the imagery of a solar eclipse. This may indicate that Seer will be more involved in the game’s story, and the fact that he has no heirlooms lends more credibility to the theory.

New Apex Legends Season 15 Legends

Considering the Eclipse name and the data mining leaks, we believe the new legend will be Catalyst. There are some leaks using this image created by artist Yang J, but it looks like this image is just a placeholder for what the developers want the character to look like. This gothic witch may belong to the eclipse theme, a darker, more mysterious legend.

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Don’t forget, all of this information is subject to change, but for now here’s what we know about Catalyst’s capabilities:

  • Passive – Reinforce: Standing near your iron fluid structures, doors, and other legends, placements will strengthen their integrity and cause them to take more damage.
  • Tactics – Iron Shot: When hitting the ball, the shot creates a hardened molten iron slope that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms (up to three structures) on walls.
  • Ultimate – Tower: The molten iron rises from below, pushing you up while forming a tall solid column below you.

New Maps for Season 15

The data leak earlier this year also included information about a new map for Season 15: Divided Moon. Rumor has it that it’s set on the moon in Boreas, which again ties into the Eclipse theme. Apex Legends In-game comics It was recently revealed that Seer intends to bring Apex Games to Boreas to stimulate the local economy.

Split Moon combines structural elements from Mount Olympus and Storm Point, but it’s unclear if those structures will remain in the final version.This Leaked monthly footage There are unfinished textures on most of the maps, and the map overview is not as detailed as usual.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 15 release date. We highly recommend checking out our Apex Legends tier list to see who’s the best character. Speaking of the best, check out our list of Apex Legends weapon tiers to find out which guns you should pick up on the battlefield.

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