Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Event Guide

Apex Legends’ newest collectible event, Beast of Prey, went live on Tuesday, and the update brings a new limited-time mode, some minor meta changes, and a slew of new cosmetic items — including Loba’s long-awaited heirloom weapon. The event is significant, So much so that the game developers thought it would be appropriate to schedule two Reddit AMAs to answer player questions about the upcoming changes to Apex.

The first AMA focused on the new Gun Run LTM, which took place yesterday. 2nd AMA Will involve lore, weapons, and overall metadata for the game.it is planned to Official Apex Legends subreddit Today at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. The Beast of Prey event has enough content to fill two Reddit AMAs, so read on for a feature-by-feature breakdown of everything this crowded event has in store.

gun run

Arguably the most exciting new feature to come with the Birds of Prey update, Gun Run is a new limited-time mode that offers the standard Gun Game formula in Outland style. Four teams of four players must fight for victory with a single kill in an arsenal of 25 weapons. Any team that reaches 25 kills will have their firearms replaced with throwing knives, giving all members of that squad the ability to single-handedly win the game. The first team to complete the knife kill wins.

Throwing knives can be practiced inside the shooting range, so don’t forget to visit it if you’re struggling to hit a target.

Collect event cosmetics

The Beast of Prey cosmetic collection contains 24 items, each of which can be unlocked with Apex Coins (100 AC – $1), Crafting Metals, or the Beast of Prey Apex Pack (700 AC each). The collection includes the following items:

Epic (1,000 AC / 800 Synthetic Metal)

  • Raven Lifeline Banner Frame
  • Xenothrone Horizon Banner Frame
  • third-party holography
  • Show it off Loba skydiving emoji
  • happy gigawatt wattson emoji
  • Ones and Threes Mirage Emotes
  • Hollow One Gibraltar Legendary Skin
  • Blight Walker Revenant Legendary Skin
  • Toxic Waste Car Submachine Gun Weapon Skin
  • Toxic Spray Hemlock Weapon Skin Bloody Gold Longbow Weapon Skin
  • arctic fox wingman weapon skin

Legendary (1,800 AC / 2,400 Synthetic Metal)

  • Bounty Hunter Fuse Legendary Skin
  • Healing Huntress Lifeline Legendary Skin
  • Hunt for the thrill of Loba’s legendary skin
  • Deathmark alternator weapon skin
  • Chunky Tech Havoc Weapon Skin
  • Poison Peacekeeper Weapon Skin
  • dead octane legend skin
  • Search and destroy Pathfinder Legendary skins
  • Frozen city wall legend skin
  • Subjaw Rage weapon skin
  • Golden Claw Prowler Weapon Skin
  • Broodmother Horizon Legendary Skin

You can take a closer look at the Alien vs. Predator-inspired cosmetics in our Predator event gallery.

Loba’s Heirloom Set

Unlock all 24 Raptor trinkets to get Loba’s heirloom weapon, the Garra de Alanza (“Alanza’s Claw”). Modeled after a fan her late mother Alanza once owned, Loba’s heirloom features sharp claw-like blades and a unique inspection animation that includes her slicing one of Revenant’s spare skulls in half.

A unique weapon check animation sees Loba vent her anger at one of Revenant's spare skulls.
A unique weapon check animation sees Loba vent her anger at one of Revenant’s spare skulls.

Players who unlock Loba’s Heirloom Set will receive the following items:

  • Garra de Alanza Heirloom Weapon
  • Trazer de Volta (“Return” or “Bring Back”) Loba Banner Pose
  • ‘I’m in my own class’ Loba introduces one-liners

After the event, Loba’s Heirlooms will also be available for purchase in the Mythic Store in exchange for Heirloom Fragments. Heirloom Fragments are earned by opening Apex Packs, and players are guaranteed a set of Fragments for every 500 Apex Packs they open.


The Beast Event also features a series of rewards that can only be unlocked by accumulating Challenge Points. Challenges refresh every day, and so far the event seems to be offering players the same challenge every day. Each challenge has a second tier that allows you to earn more points by surpassing the initial challenge.

The first layer of challenges is as follows:

  • play 2 games
  • Deal 1,500 damage
  • Get 5 kills or assists in any mode
  • Get 5 knockdowns in battle royale
  • Finish in the top 10 in Battle Royale 4 times

You’ll need a total of 5,000 Challenge Points to get all the free rewards for the event.

You can also earn the following badges by performing specific feats on the battlefield. Completing the corresponding challenge can earn the following badges:

  • Beast Destroyer: Deal 50,000 damage in any mode during the Beast event
  • Beast Exterminator: Get 200 kills or assists in any mode during the Beasts event
  • Beast Arms Dealer: Win 10 Gun Run matches in the Beast of Prey event
  • Beast Master: Get all other Beast badges
The Beast of Prey event features a free bonus track filled with cosmetic items.
The Beast of Prey event features a free bonus track filled with cosmetic items.

Free Rewards

As you accumulate Challenge Points, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Horizon​​n stat tracker set (wins/damage done/kills): 500 / 1,250 / 2,000 challenge points
  • Vantage Stat Tracker Set (Win/Damage/Kill): 750 / 2,500 / 4,000 Challenge Points
  • Beasts of Prey Banner Badge: 250 Challenge Points
  • Beasts of Prey Music Pack: 250 Challenge Points
  • Apex Pack: 1,000 Challenge Points
  • Hunter Pack Weapon Trinket (Epic): 1,500 Challenge Points
  • Stalker Vantage Legendary Skin (Epic): 3,000 Challenge Points
  • Arctic Calibration Dedication Weapon Skin (Legendary): 3,500 Challenge Points
  • Killer Carapice Flatline Weapon Skin (Legendary): 5,000 Challenge Points

store bundle

A range of store bundles will also be available during the event.

September 20-27:

Store bundles contain old and new skins.
Store bundles contain old and new skins.

September 27 to October 4:

Second set of store bundles available during the event
Second set of store bundles available during the event

The Beast Collection will run until October 4th, so if you want to get two free Legendary weapon skins from the bonus track, be sure to start honing those challenge points.

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