Xbox Series X Update Finally Makes Xbox One Game Discs Playable Offline

The recent Xbox Series X update changed the DRM capabilities on that console, as you can now play Xbox One discs on the current-gen console without being connected to the internet. Thanks to an update spotted by fans earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that online check-ins are no longer required.

“This is true since update 2206,” Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie tweeted. “We’ve reviewed data from the launch of the X|S series and determined that in the vast majority of cases, online compatibility checks are not required for Xbox One discs. Some games may still require online updates after installation to ensure the best experience. “

Patch notes for the June and July 2206 updates vaguely mention “general stability and performance improvements” that have become the norm for these updates. Changes to Xbox One DRM bring these previous-gen games in line with Xbox Series X|S games, as these discs can also be played on the console without an online connection.

You’ll still need an internet connection for classic Xbox and Xbox 360 backwards-compatible games due to the library’s authentication settings, but this new update will yield a slew of Xbox One games — many of which have a Smart Delivery upgrade available — for those who don’t always is more accessible for users with reliable online connections.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirmed that the Xbox Series X|S console won’t go up in price, that Xbox may acquire more studios in the future, and you can read how to connect Discord to your Xbox console.

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