World of Warcraft Shares Chromie’s Visage Day Short Story for Dragonflight

In preparation for Dragonflight, World of Warcraft has shared Chromie’s Day of the Face short story for free for all to read.

World of Warcraft Just read the “Visage Day” short story for free for all players.This fascinating story not only explores dragon society, but also provides Long Feibut also shared Chromie’s backstory, one of which World of WarcraftThe first trans character of .

Visage Day is a short story written by veteran game designer and lead narrative designer Steve Danuser. World of Warcraft. The short story first appeared in World of Warcraft: Folks and Fairy Tales of Azerothan anthology of short stories to be released in May 2021.

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Danuser’s short story specifically details Visage Day of Chronormu, a popular bronze dragon World of Warcraft Better known as Chromie. The story establishes Face Day as a coming-of-age ritual that all dragons undergo, establishing their preferred humanoid form when interacting with mortals. However, Chronormu is confused about what form he should take. After consulting several dragons for advice, especially Nozdormu, patron of the Bronze Dragonflight, Chromie decided to make the face of a female gnome – even though she was born a male dragon – as it suited her better .

This World of Warcraft: Folks and Fairy Tales of Azeroth The anthology features short stories by more than a dozen authors, including well-known Wow Authors Christie Golden and Madeleine Roux. With stories ranging from original folktales about mermaids and the moon to some involving famous characters such as Veresa Windrunner and Uther the Lightbringer, this anthology is a delightful addition to anyone. World of Warcraft Fan favorites.

However, many fans are especially happy that “Visage Day” is free for everyone.This short story provides wonderful details on dragon culture World of Warcraft. and Long Fei’s Ostensibly releasing over the next few months, access to the lore available in Face Day is especially poignant, doubly so, as many of the characters in the expansion play roles in the expansion. All players now have a better understanding of how these dragons chose their humanoid camouflage.

many World of Warcraft Fans want Blizzard to use Long Fei As a platform for creating Visage Day holidays in-game.Many fans petition because it is similar to the journey of a trans person World of Warcraft Celebrate Dragon Festival.Creating a holiday during March 31, Trans Visibility Day, or June’s Pride month celebrations would be a great opportunity to expand inclusion World of Warcraft. No official announcement of such a holiday World of Warcraftbut the free publication of Face Day may be the first step towards such an event.

World of Warcraft Now available on PC Long Fei Launching later this year.

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