‘Why Are They Putting Him Out There’ if He Isn’t Making the Policy?

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reacts to the White House on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Waters Primetime” show on Monday walking back President Joe Biden, who has vowed to defend Taiwan with the U.S. military, wondered who was making U.S. policy if the president wasn’t there, saying: “Almost every time he talks about China and Taiwan, the White House backs down.”

host Jesse Waters asked, [relevant exchange begins around 1:45] “Kevin McCarthy, does it make you nervous when the White House keeps pushing the commander-in-chief and clarifying what the president has to say, like what he told you is not the policy of the U.S. government? Does it worry you?”

McCarthy replied: “It worries [me] good discount. Because who is that? More worryingly, what has been said not just to the United States, but to other countries? He couldn’t send a clear message. But this is not the first time he has done so. Almost every time he talks about China and Taiwan, the White House backs down. But look, over the past 40 years, even Secretary Gates has said that every decision he made on foreign policy was wrong. But what does this mean?We lost 13 gold star families because of his decisions in Afghanistan instead of listening to him [military]…why did they put him there? Why did they allow this to continue to happen? “

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