Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to be deposed in Twitter v. Musk case

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Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey will be questioned by lawyers for the company and Elon Musk on Tuesday morning as part of the courtroom for its $44 billion takeover deal part of the struggle. Notice of testimony filed Monday.

Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s CEO in November and served on the board until late May, was previously subpoenaed by Musk’s team to provide extensive information, including all documents and communications about the merger agreement, as well as those “reflecting, referring to false or The impact or impact of spam accounts on, or in connection with, Twitter’s business and operations.”

Musk in July Termination of deal over claims the company misrepresented the number of fake and spam accounts on its platform, while Twitter

Quickly sued Musk to honor the agreement.

Before Musk terminated the deal, Dorsey had been positive about Musk’s prospects of acquiring Twitter. Soon after the acquisition was announced, Dorsey tweet: “Elon is the only solution I trust. I believe his mission is to expand the light of consciousness.”

The testimony came as Musk’s team expanded its allegations against Twitter. Earlier this month, a judge ruled that Musk could add to his claims based on a tip-off from former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko, who accused the company of a serious security breach that put its users, investors and U.S. national security at risk. .

Last week, Musk’s team publicly filed its latest counterclaim, claiming that Zatko’s disclosures and events surrounding it “indicate false representations about mDAU” [monetizable daily active users] Just one component of a broader conspiracy by Twitter executives to deceive the public, investors and the government about the company’s core dysfunctions. ”

Twitter said Zatko’s allegations paint a “false narrative” for the company and that Musk’s claims are “actually inaccurate, legally inadequate and not business-related.”

The two parties are scheduled to begin a five-day trial on the dispute on October 17.

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