The Tonight Show is coming to Fortnite, Jimmy Fallon included

Jimmy Fallon, comedian and host The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallonannounced on his show The Tonight Show Crossing over with Fortnite.A new level based on Rockefeller Studios is coming to Fortnite, titled at the rock tonight. The new Fortnite map faithfully reproduces the studios shown on TV shows such as The Tonight Show and 30 rock, players can play mini-games while exploring. Fallon revealed that Tonight at the Rock is sponsored by Samsung, and that the level is not sponsored, endorsed or managed by Epic Games.

Players can tour buildings and surrounding areas, and brief snippets of the level indicate that players can drive cars on nearby streets. Tonight at the Rock will also have its own currency, Fallon Coins, which players can use to gain powerups. Included mini-games include racing and putting Ballers in holes. The island code for Tonight at the Rock is 2678-5325-0723Unfortunately, while Fallon is promoting Rock Tonight, there is no Fallon character skin in Fortnite, at least not yet.

Jimmy Fallon is a comedian, writer and actor who has been involved in saturday night live Crew in the late 90s, then started filming in the 2000s.he’s been the host The Tonight Show Serving Jay Leno for a second term starting in 2014. Fallon has previously promoted across other media, including serving as the face of Universal Studios’ world-famous studio tour, in which he guest-starred. Jurassic World.

Fortnite is a battle royale and tower defense game. The game has a cartoonish aesthetic, and its main gimmick is its build tools. Players can build structures around themselves to protect them from enemies. The game has become one of the biggest games in the world, and is closely associated with Marvel, DC Comics, star warsand dragon ball. A recent leak also suggested that the game will soon be partnered with the FIFA World Cup.

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