The Pokémon Company Says It Doesn’t Have An Issue With Nuzlocke Runs, Actually

The Pokémon Company took the unusual step of releasing an official statement on Nuzlocke’s run in response to reports that it was removing creators from its content program to engage with them, VGC report.

Initial report from content creator Kit Ellis and Christa Young, who previously co-hosted Nintendo’s official YouTube show, Nintendo Minute. During a recent podcast episode, the two revealed that they had launched Nuzlocke Run for an episode of Nintendo Minute, but claimed the Pokémon Company strongly opposed it.

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Nuzlocke 指的是一些玩家選擇用於 Pokemon 運行的一套懲罰規則,包括每次 pokemon 暈倒時模擬 permadeath,並且只允許玩家捕捉在任何給定區域遇到的第一個 pokemon。

“我們認為這對於 Nintendo Minute 視頻來說是一個有趣的想法,”當被問及他們是否曾經按照 Nuzlocke 規則玩過遊戲時,埃利斯解釋道。 “所以我們把它投給了神奇寶貝公司說’嘿,我們想做一個 Nuzlocke 跑步,你覺得怎麼樣?’”

“[We] Thought they were going to fire us,” Yang added, before Ellis went on to elaborate: “They said, ‘We think this is on the same level as using hacked games, ROM hacks’…but it’s just a style of play A game that everyone can buy, no hacks. “

“There were a lot of creators using Nuzlocke-style Pokemon that were removed from the Creators Program,” Yang went on to claim, leading to widespread reports that the Pokémon company was against Nuzlocke running, leading the company to do the opposite.

“We have no problem with fans/creators playing the game under Nuzlocke’s rules,” Pokémon International said in a statement Serrebiof Joe Merrick. Merrick also said that aside from Young’s statement, there is no evidence that the creator was ever fired for playing Nuzrock Rules.

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