The Last of Us Part 1 Update 1.02 is Available to Download Now

Naughty Dog’s 1.02 update fixes major and minor issues related to The Last of Us Part 1, which should improve the player experience.

The Last of Us Part 1 Update 1.02 is now available for download.The update comes with a number of fixes that should improve players’ experience as they continue their game last survivor travel.

While there aren’t too many bugs to complain about in the remake, there are still some minor bugs like The Last of Us Part 1 The bug produces a lot of blood under Joel, and a certain puzzle hint is missing from the university portion of the game, which then forces players to adjust accessibility options to bypass the puzzle. However, with the recent 1.02 update, Naughty Dog has fixed some issues related to some glitches.

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According to the developer’s website, patch 1.02 is now live and fixes level geometry, photo mode, adjusting fidelity mode settings to target 30 fps, and removing the requirement for VRR when unlocking frame rates in fidelity mode. Performance and The fidelity mode description has also been updated to better reflect what these settings contain for easier understanding, and fixes for audio mixing and lighting issues that may have arisen in the final chapter.The game’s list of major fixes adds to an already impressive list of improvements The Last of Us Part 1.

Some of the smaller fixes related to the update include an optional dialogue in Pittsburgh’s Financial Plaza that would not trigger. Fixed water splash effect, text and screen reader issues in the main menu, credits flipping in the Mirrorworld modifier, and missing facial expressions for characters in photo mode when viewed from certain angles.Other issues fixed by the update are new games and weapon upgrade parts that will stop spawning, and last survivor Accessibility about navigation and invisible toggles.

The update improves many features of the game, thanks to The Last of Us Part 1 Developed in-house by Naughty Dog. Whether players are launching the game for the first time, completing the main story, or fighting for the Platinum Trophy in the new Game Plus, everyone will benefit from this update.

The Last of Us Part 1 Available now on PS5, a PC version is in development.

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