Severely Decomposed Bodies Of Elderly Man And Woman Found In Ex-Mayor’s Home

key point

  • The bodies were found at Susan Maynard’s home
  • It’s unclear if the former Woonsocket mayor was one of the dead
  • Circumstances of death are being investigated

Two badly decomposed bodies were found at the home of the former mayor of Winsock, Rhode Island.

Police found the body at the home of Susan Menard, mayor for 14 years. New York Post.

Although their identities have not been released, the two dead are said to be an elderly man and an elderly woman. Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates confirmed the discovery was made in a house on Marian Lane, near Lilac Avenue, WPRI 12 report.

Lieutenant Matthew Richardson said the bodies were “in a state of high decomposition,” Richardson added, adding that the medical examiner’s office had yet to confirm the identity of the deceased. Valley Breeze.

Officials did not release details about the location of the body inside the house. It was unclear how long the bodies were inside, or if one of them was that of the former mayor.

The death is under investigation and no signs of foul play have been found so far.

According to Woonsocket’s property tax database, Menard is listed as the home’s owner, while Daniel Grabowski is listed as the property’s resident.

Maynard served as mayor from 1995 to 2009, making her the longest-serving mayor in history. Woosockthere are about 40,000 people living here.

She was also reportedly close to her only daughter, Carrie Pilavin, who was devastated when her body was found in her home near Boston in 2009.

Maynard has been relatively quiet on the political scene over the past few years, but she has spoken to the city’s radio station to show her support for local candidates for public office.

In an unrelated incident reported last month, the body of a “severely decomposed baby” was found in the backyard of a North Carolina home. The baby’s parents, Dustin Van Dyke, 28, and Gracie Riedel, 18, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. After receiving information about the child’s unreported death, police searched the property and the baby’s decomposing body was taken by a corpse dog.

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