Seedify: A leading launchpad and incubator reveals its Steampunk-themed PFP Avatar collection

sowing is one of the leading and well-known launchpads in the crypto industry, and incubator.They empower innovators and project developers with access to Funding, community and partnership building, and a complete support system Help bring best-in-class blockchain games, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Metaverse to its community through events called IGO (Initial Game Offering) and INO (Initial NFT Offering).

Seedify has successfully launched over 50 IGO projects and is now in the NFT space with an NFT launchpad and marketplace that will attract new members and bring new revenue generating opportunities to its community. They focus on two verticals, blockchain gaming and Metaverse, each with utility-based NFTs and tokens that are critical for sustainability, utility, usability, and growth.

Last month, Seedify successfully launched its native NFT token $SNFTS via an airdrop with an airdrop rate of nearly 60x (a new all-time high). Over 1000+ holders choose to farm or stake their $SNFTS to earn passive income. Additionally, most of them opted for a 180-day staking pool, confident in the coin’s long-term performance.

Additionally, they are now connecting the Metaverse with the recently revealed own profile picture (PFP​​) steampunk-themed Avatar NFT collection. PFPs are one of the most popular types of NFTs and are often displayed as profile pictures on social media.

sow yuan studio is the creative impetus behind this exclusive collection. The in-house multidisciplinary team brings together the best and strongest talent in the industry, and they unleash their creativity to create a unique series with interesting characters, impressive utility, and a compelling storyline.

The Meta Studios team consists of 2D and 3D concept artists, art directors, technical artists, game developers and designers from leading AAA and indie game development studios.


This set of unique 2D collectible NFTs will be limited to 10,000 items, with various skins, traits and wearables. Over time, the series will interoperate between metaverses and evolve into 3D game-ready avatars. Their visual properties incorporate intricate details inspired by retro steampunk looks.

Roles include merchants, steam engineers, alchemists, tinkers, blacksmiths, and artisans, to name a few.


AVATARS are people skilled in the use of gadgets, metal, steam-powered and patchwork machines in everyday life. Their love of machines, alchemy, magic and dreams of time travel combined their goals and broadened their horizons and ambitions.

From inner enlightenment, everything they touch turns to gold, and time knows no bounds as they explore the past, present and future. They were born to design, make and create something new and different.

Their curiosity became their sail; their reason became their ship; their wisdom became their anchor. From nations of every race and faith; this gave birth to a new empire built on imagination, dunes, sand and clay.

But among them, some have injected themselves with a mysterious resource called Amé. There were only 1,000 in the beginning, very different from the others, their resemblance turned blue, and their power became unparalleled.

The rest went through the infusion process and patiently waited for their transformation. These shifts will cement their place in the metaverse and prepare them for future adventures.

AVATAR Utilities:

What makes this series so special is the NFT’s staking system, called “Racial Transfusion” and “Amé” Infusion” These Will essentially change AVATARS metadata and traits, and will forever upgrade their appearance, making AVATARS more valuable and rarer.

Additionally, these systems do not generate additional NFTs to ensure that the collection is not diluted and its value is guaranteed.

The collection will also include future drops embedded with special utility via infusion and infusion staking systems, bringing even more value to those who own the collection.

How to access Seedify’s Avatar NFT Collection:

Three ways to have a chance to own one of the 10,000 NFT avatars:

  1. Staking and Farming:
  • Stake 500k $SNFTS or farm 250k $SNFTS with $SFUND to generate 1 Avatar raffle ticket per month. Those who wager and/or farm more will increase their chances of getting more raffle tickets each month.
  • Seedify will be taking two snapshots, one on September 26th and the other in October. During these snapshot phases, holders can earn up to 1 Seedify Avatar per wallet (a total of 4500 Avatars will be whitelisted)
  1. Seedify NFT Launchpad:

Both $SFUND and $SNFTS will allow users to gain access to the whitelist. Additionally, holders will be able to win x1 Seedify Avatars per wallet during the launchpad phase (a total of 3000 Avatars will be whitelisted).

  1. Admission list:

This will be dedicated to thought leaders, influencers, professional gamers and partners who will provide value to the efforts Metaverse Seedify is building. Selection will be made on a case-by-case basis based on different qualifications (1500 whitelists will be provided).

The remaining 1000 avatars (10%) will be reserved for finance, marketing collaborations after the casting phase, team incentives, and creating budgets for future drops.

Seedify is pushing the boundaries, positioning itself as an innovation pioneer in the Metaverse Era. They will continue to reveal more story parts in the series, using new concepts and exciting utilities to increase the value of their tokens to their community.

About Seeds:

Seedify is a blockchain game, NFT and Metaverse incubator and startup platform that provides innovators and project developers with opportunities for funding, community building, marketing, and high-quality collaboration networks, with a complete support system to help bring the best of games, NFTs and Metaverse projects to our community.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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