Sagaverse, an Engine and Protocol for Web 3.0 Social Media, Has Raised a Total of $1.5 Million From Com2Us and Innovation Norway, Including a Handful of Super Angels

The latest investment round builds on investments from venture capital firms with deep technology, Web 3.0, interactive media and market experience, including Promentum and a range of private venture capital firms such as Unity3D’s David Helgason and Sequoia partner Bogomil Balkansky.

Sagaverse Project is a DApp-driven community that unites creators and fans, enabling them to co-create, co-monetize, and co-distribute interactive and enhanced video using original and fan content.

“Forgotten” fan content cannot be monetized

sagaphos A new content format and protocol was created that could solve one of the biggest problems on the web. All creators have their own superfans to produce fan content. 75 million fans worldwide create derivative works and fan art, creating billions of fan content consisting of images, videos, live broadcasts and commentary.

Fan content outnumbers original content. Unfortunately, most user-generated content hits a dead end.

Sagaverse CEO Lars Eric-Ravn said,

“This is ‘forgotten’ content, not monetized, not used as a distribution driver. This is a huge missed opportunity and the time for disruption is ripe.”

Sagaverse asks and answers questions What if creators and brands had a way to activate fans and their content, thereby expanding their reach?

Just imagine if creators and fans were empowered to buy in, could greater network effects be achieved?For creators, nothing is stronger than fans And what fans crave most is meaningful interaction and connection.

Blockchain and Token Economics

Sagaverse is a DApp-driven community where creators and fans come together to co-create, co-monetize, and co-distribute interactive videos using original and fan content.

At the heart of the Sagaverse is its blockchain-powered manifest, which ensures that attribution and permission information is carried with them, and terms are always adhered to.

The agreement consists of two main parts

  • A media manifest for combining, distributing, and reorganizing tokenized assets while preserving attribution, licensing information, and non-duplicating assets
  • A media engine that incorporates the creation and consumption of interactive visual assets (2D, 3D, programmable, audio)
rich media player

At its core, Sagaverse is a rich media player designed for the next generation of visual media including 3D, interactive and enhanced video. Sagaverse is betting that this is the next content format people will love and want in their lives.

Benefits for creators and fans

Sagaverse makes it easy for creators and fans to co-create and co-own 3D, augmented, and video NFTs, which Sagaverse refers to as “rich media.”

Sagaverse allows anyone to support creators through content staking, which enables creators to raise funds to produce content they would otherwise have no budget for, while allowing fans to support their favorite creators and benefit from revenue sharing.

This incentivizes and rewards creators and fans to build the Sagaverse network through co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution.

Upcoming Apps

The first product launch of the Sagaverse DApp is scheduled for Q4, targeting short-form video creators, eSports players, 3D artists, 3D animators, developers, and fans.

The future of Sagaverse is an open protocol for tokenizing rich media.

2023, sagaphos Its protocol will be open to allow publishers to build authoring and consumption experiences, and enable publishers to build and launch collaborative Web 3.0 media DApps.

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