Russia Lawmaker Makes Nuclear Threat Against UK, Germany on State TV

  • A Russian lawmaker threatened Britain and Germany with a nuclear strike on state television.
  • The host suggested that Russia should go to the Queen’s funeral and take away many heads of state.
  • Russia’s recent losses on the battlefield have reignited the question of whether it will resort to nuclear weapons.

Russian state television aired a programme in which a lawmaker threatened nuclear strikes against Britain and Germany, with the host suggesting Russia should hold the Queen’s funeral.

State Duma member and retired Major General Andrei Gurulev suggested a strike on Sunday and Monday on the pro-Kremlin talk show “60 Minutes,” according to clips translated by Russian media monitors.

“60 Minutes” is a tool for pro-Russian propaganda that often broadcasts misleading and false information about the war in Ukraine.

Gurulev, a lawmaker who is pro-Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggested on Monday an attack on Germany’s Ramstein air base.

But he is particularly concerned about Britain, calling it the “root of all evil” and a place where Russia could use nuclear weapons to turn it into a “Mars desert.”

Host Olga Scabieva then quipped: “We should have done that today, where all the best people are going to the funeral,” she said.

The world’s heads of state – with the exception of a few untouchable leaders such as Putin – gathered at London’s Westminster Abbey on Monday for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral hours before “60 Minutes” aired.

Whether Scabieva was joking or not, Gurulev used the same reasoning he used on Sunday: President Joe Biden would not retaliate against a NATO ally for a nuclear strike.

Gurulev said on Sunday that Germans should understand that “if there is a strike against the decision-making center, the main decision-making center is Berlin.”

He says Russia should call Biden’s bluff, says Biden won’t follow suit Article V of NATOit treats an attack on one member state as an attack on all member states.

“If we turned the British Isles into a Martian desert in three minutes using tactical nukes instead of strategic nukes – they could use Article 5, but for whom? A non-existent nation turned into a Martian desert? They wouldn’t respond.”

This isn’t the first time a “60 Minutes” guest has advocated for nuclear war, although it’s unclear whether Russia would take such a step, and Gurulev is unlikely to have seditious powers.

As Insider reported in March, Russia’s rhetoric about a nuclear strike was dismissed by some experts as irresponsible “daggers drawn.”

But Gurulev’s comments came at a critical time for Russian troops in Ukraine, which were pushed back in the east and northeast after weeks of deadlock.

This has prompted talk of the possibility of a humiliated Russia resorting to a nuclear strike.

Retired US Army brig. General Kevin Ryan, a former military attaché to Russia, told Insider’s John Haltiwanger this month that the latest losses could force Putin to think about doing “something dramatic — which makes me rethink. Assessment Triggers”.

Other experts told Insider that Putin would not risk nuclear retaliation.

Putin made a veiled threat to the West in his February 24 speech when the war broke out.

He warned that if the West intervened, “the consequences would be worse than anything you’ve ever encountered in history,” citing Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal, which is estimated to include About 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons.

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