Respawn Hosting Two Apex Legends AMAs Ahead Of Beast Of Prey Event

Apex Legends’ newest collectible event, Beast of Prey, goes live later today at 11AM PT / 1PM ET, but players of the popular hero shooter are getting a kick out of the game today when the game’s developers announced they’re hosting two Reddits Had a surprise AMA in the morning. The first AMA will take place today, September 20th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.Today’s AMA is New Game-focused Gun Run Mode And “All Things LTM”, the developers may release new information about current or future limited-time modes.

The second AMA will take place tomorrow, September 21st at 1pm/4pm PT. According to the developers, tomorrow’s theme is an invitation to “talk about weapons, lore, and metadata.”

An AMA — short for “Ask Me Anything” — is an impromptu interview in which a person or group of people answers questions from other redditors about what life is like from game development to rare diseases. Celebrities and other pop culture icons sometimes host AMAs to promote their latest projects, as do film/TV producers and, of course, game developers. The informal nature of AMAs often leads to some interesting conversations between the moderators and the commenters who interview them.

Gun Run mode will launch when the Beast of Prey Collection event goes live, so hosting an LTM-focused AMA on the event day is a move players will definitely appreciate.Both AMAs will be in Official Apex Legends subreddit.

Respawn didn’t specify the reasoning behind this sudden desire to communicate directly with players, but players may appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation with game developers about metadata, especially given recent controversial gameplay changes such as removing Self-healing ability from the Golden Knockout Shield.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC.The mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download at android and iOS equipment.

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