Prototype For Iconic Stealth Game Thief 2 Emerges

Rogue 2 is definitely an early classic of the stealth genre, and Arkane Lyon’s level designer showed off an early version of it.

Arkane Lyon’s level designer Romain Barrilliot has uploaded a number of images and detailed some details about the Mirror 2000 game prototype thief 2. Interestingly, this has now surfaced as leaks from earlier iterations have become more frequent in recent times.Have Grand Theft Auto 6 Video game leaks, and early iterations of Steam decks to be shown off, not to mention leaked footage Diablo 4 concert tour.

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Barrilliot’s discovery is another example that can be added to this growing list.1998’s sequel, for those who may not have enough to remember Rogue: The Dark Project Considered one of the best steampunk games ever made, it includes shame, a game inspired by the classic stealth series, developed by Arkane Studios.the first two thief Entries helped shape the genre, which is still loved by many today.

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That’s why it was found thief 2 Prototypes are going to be a big deal for a lot of gamers, especially older ones. As reported by PCGamesN, Barrilliot recently discussed their findings on Twitter, uploading some screenshots showing an early iteration of the famous sequel.There are some notable and interesting differences between this version and the retail version, such as levels with missing assets, enemies stuck in a T-pose, and perhaps most interestingly, from system shock Used as a placeholder until mechanical changes are implemented.

When asked if it was possible to download the prototype, Barrilliot was reluctant to leave a link, citing “potential legal reasons” not to. However, a quick search should reveal where to find it. Given its stance as one of the best stealth games ever made, thief 2 Having left its mark on the early days of PC gaming, no doubt many will be curious to see what this early version of the game looked and played like.

It’s a pity that these classic games are not available on consoles and can only be used on PCs. The first two entries are very important, and the third part, developed by Ion Storm, is equally well-received.with likes system shock Get an official remake, maybe a beloved thief The game will come back triumphant one day, especially if the version released in 2014 didn’t reach the level of the other three.

thief 2 Released for PC in 2000.

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resource: PCGamesN

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