Portal RTX Revealed With Impressive Trailer

Portal is one of the most popular puzzle games in recent gaming history, and a new trailer shows it’s getting an update with Nvidia’s ray tracing technology.

The most recent trailer announced that 2007’s Web portals There will be visual upgrades, in particular it will implement the RTX algorithm. RTX is Nvidia’s answer to ray tracing technology, which is important for video game lighting. The AI ​​works by defining how best to render light in the game world based on where the player is standing. While Nvidia currently has a slew of chips for the technology, it’s used by other companies and has almost become an industry standard.

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As for the game itself, Valve’s critically acclaimed puzzle-solving release is approaching its 15th anniversary, and while it still looks pretty good, many will agree that it can be done with modern paint.In fact, there are already efforts to improve the visual effects, such as Web portals A video showing the game in Unreal Engine. Despite the game’s age, it’s still well-loved today, with many praising its great story and puzzling mechanics, so an RTX upgrade is something many look forward to.

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The trailer itself has been uploaded to Nvidia’s YouTube channel for fans of the upcoming Web portals. It shows what the game looks like without ray tracing and then shows the same area with RTX turned on. The difference is stark, with lights, shadows, and the general graphics of the game looking smoother. The trailer concludes by saying that the update will roll out this November, and it will be a free DLC for those who already own the game on PC.

along with Portal: Companion Collection The dark comedy series that came to Switch not too long ago is still finding its way into the hearts and hard drives of many gamers. The sequel came out in 2011, more than a decade after the last episode, but fans are still talking about the two entries. In fact, the first game in particular was very popular among speed runners, with many players striding to break world records.

Too bad there’s no chance Portal 3 Because many would love the chance to play a new title in this universe, especially given the popularity of the franchise’s antagonist, GLaDOS. At the very least, an upcoming RTX update might rekindle interest in this modern classic, and for those who haven’t played it, it’ll be a great opportunity to see why it’s such a popular puzzle game.

Web portals Available on mobile, PC, PS3, Switch and Xbox 360.

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