Pokemon GO Fan Makes Roggenrola Chocolates

Pokemon GO fans created a rock-inspired Roggenrola-themed chocolate dessert to celebrate the game’s September Community Day.

Fans of Niantic mobile games Pokemon GO Their chocolate creation based on the rock-type Pokemon Roggenrola has been shared online.Given that Logan Rolla is the most recent featured Pokemon Pokemon GO For Community Day this September, it’s not surprising that fans are highlighting the cute Pokemon for a specific time period, especially if it’s their favorite Pokemon.

For fans who have been waiting for Roggenrola to be the next featured Pokemon for Community Day, this seems like the perfect time to celebrate Pokemon by making your own art or unique creations like these Roggenrola Chocolates.This Pokemon GO Given how long mobile games have been online, the community is no stranger to fan-generated content.and Pokemon GO Community Day is probably one of the most popular events in the game, and it seems right that fans are focusing on the event’s featured Pokemon.

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On Reddit, user miscellaneousmao shared a photo collage of Roggenrola chocolate desserts they made to celebrate the recently ended September Pokemon GO Community Day. The collage beautifully showcases the candy, and there’s even a special shiny version of Pokemon and a bunch of regular Loganrolla.Color matching with rock-type Pokemon is so accurate, Redditor seems to have captured Roggenrola’s image perfectly Pokemon GO. They even incorporated details such as Logan Rolla’s signature eye shape, cute little feet, and often short hair on top of the head.

Fans may appreciate that miscellaneousmao even shared what the Roggenrola chocolate looked like inside, after they got a bite. This appreciation shows how the community reacts to the desserts they make.Lots of people complimented Misty’s work, while others said they always look forward to Redditor posts Pokemon GO Community Day is coming up.Apparently, Redditors do a lot Pokemon Foods such as cakes, cake pops, mooncakes, and more, featuring Pokemon elf-type Clefairy, Cramorant, and more.

and Pokemon GOWith the October Community Day just around the corner and featuring Pokemon Litwick already released, fans of the mobile game and Reddit user miscellaneousmao alike may be looking forward to seeing what their next entry will look like.Hopefully the Redditor doesn’t disappoint and keeps making more candies to celebrate events in game and in real life Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Now available on Android and iOS.

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