Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Spiritomb and Minior

A Pokemon fan created and shared what they thought the Spiritomb and Minior would look like together in an impressive piece.

In a recent fusion fan art, an artist combined Spiritomb and Minior for a Pokemon Franchise. Fusions dates back to the first generation Pokemon Players try to create new Pokemon from existing designs. Creating in this style requires the artist to take pieces from two different Pokemon and create something new, while keeping the original design somewhat recognizable.

The Pokémon used in this creation are from the fourth and seventh generations Pokemon, respectively. While both Spiritomb and Minior are dual types and don’t have any evolutions, they don’t have much in common.

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This fan art is from u/HoundoomKaboom, an artist known for creating Pokemon fusions similar to this one. In this fanart, they show a bizarre image of a tomb-like creature exploding from a meteor. Pictured is a black ball with blue eyes and a blue mouth, matching Spiritomb’s design. Surrounding the black sphere are red stars and shapes, and yellow and white mist in the form of meteors derived from the creature. This shooting star is a clear indication of the Minior inspiration in this fusion, and like that Pokemon, this will be a showcase for this newly created core form. The terrifying look that completes this Pokémon fusion is a small representation of the Earth and the Moon. It seems that this spiritual tomb-little combination has the potential to devour the world.

The overall look this fusion creates is a new Pokemon that basically acts as a black hole. Dual-type ghosts and dark elves and dual-type rock and flying pokemons combine to create a potential planet-eating dark and flying-type Pokemon. While it would be a surprisingly dark transformation for a Pokemon to form a black hole in the game, this fan art does a great job of showing what a black hole looks like.

While traditionally aimed at younger audiences, Pokemon The franchise has had some surprisingly disturbing moments. The comics in particular have some weird moments, including Vic Tribell trying to eat red and the city exploding.

Then again, disturbing is a subjective term, and for some, the most disturbing Pokemon is a great addition to the franchise. Even the earliest games had creepy areas, like Lavander Town’s Pokemon Tower. Either way, this article is the perfect mix of some of the funniest Pokemon in the series.

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