Migrant crisis – latest: Biden responds to reports DeSantis has sent migrant flight to his home in Delaware

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Immigration lawyers and elected officials have called for a criminal investigation after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis arranged a flight last week for 48 mostly Venezuelan immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts. A Texas sheriff is investigating allegations that the group was “lured” into a plane with false information.

Meanwhile, agencies in Delaware are preparing for another possible flight that will arrive Tuesday near President Joe Biden’s oceanfront home in Rehoboth Beach.

State agencies and community groups are preparing humanitarian aid.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said at an event on Tuesday that he “couldn’t confirm” that another group of immigrants was leaving Texas for Delaware, but he criticized Biden President, saying Biden “created a crisis” at the border.

Gov. DeSantis and his aides and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have defended sending immigrants to Democratic-leading states and cities in protest of what they called the president’s “open borders” policy.

Lawyers for a group of immigrants who were moved to a larger Cape Cod shelter on Friday argued they were deceived by false promises of financial aid and housing, but were sent to Maryland without notice last week. Sarah’s Vineyard.


Florida has spent more than $1 million with immigrant flight contractors

Florida this month spent more than $1.5 million with the aviation contractor responsible for last week’s controversial Martha’s Vineyard immigration flight.

Public records show the Florida Department of Transportation paid Vertol Systems Company, Inc. $1,565,000 this month, WTSP reported.

The company was paid $950,000 on Monday, and one of its spacecraft was shown on Tuesday after Republicans suggested Joe Biden’s hometown could be the next surprise immigration drop off Travel to Delaware.


Texas sheriff investigates Florida bringing migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

A Texas sheriff has opened an investigation into whether a group of migrants was “lured” on a flight from San Antonio to Massachusetts last week.

The flights, widely derided as a political stunt designed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to oppose Democrats’ “sanctuary” policy, were deceived after reports that immigrants and their families sought asylum in the United States The flights have come under international scrutiny after they were collected sexually on out-of-state planes.

Office of Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar Announce On September 19, his office was working with “lawyers representing victims and advocacy organizations about the incident.”

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Biden mocks DeSantis for reporting migrants flying to Delaware: ‘He should come and see, we have beautiful coastline’

President Joe Biden responded to reports that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be sending another immigration plane to the Northeast, the latest flight scheduled to arrive in Delaware, near the US president’s home.

After speaking on campaign finance, Biden angered DeSantis about the political stunt in an impromptu speech to reporters.

“He should come and see, we have a beautiful coastline,” Biden told the report when asked to respond to Mr. DeSantis’ latest tactics.

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ICYMI: Migrant transport plane in Florida and Texas transports a dozen children

Immigrant flights and bus trips to the Liberty Territories from Florida and Texas have been controversial for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the large number of children on board.

go through independentBy the count, more than a dozen children boarded the transport.

Here’s our take on how kids got caught up in Governor Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott’s immigration stunt.


White House ready to fly DeSantis immigrants to Delaware as state agencies brace for response

The White House is coordinating with state officials and aid groups to prepare a plane for the arrival of migrants that may be sent from Texas to coastal Delaware, near President Joe Biden’s beach home.

The flight, due to arrive on Tuesday afternoon, could be the second flight in a week organized by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration to move asylum seekers in San Antonio to the northeastern town.

“We are coordinating closely with state officials and local service providers who are ready to meet these families methodically as they seek asylum,” White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters.

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Ron DeSantis weeps at Biden and avoids comment on rumoured Delaware flight during event

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed Joe Biden at an event on Tuesday. “He inherited a border that wasn’t like that,” Mr. DeSantis said. “He created a crisis.”

The Republican denied that his immigration flight to Martha’s Vineyard was a “stunt” and called on Biden to reinstate Trump administration policies such as staying in Mexico and sending tens of thousands of legally protected asylum seekers stranded in squalid refugee camps on the Mexican side. border for months, where they were targeted for exploitation.

“The biggest stunt is Biden taking office as president and reversing Trump’s policies so he can show virtue that he’s against Trump,” DeSantis said. “The impact is devastating.”

Mr. DeSantis also said he “couldn’t confirm” that another immigration flight would be from Texas to Delaware.

The Republican governor claimed that Democrats were hypocritical about the flights, trying to downplay the challenges posed by the large number of immigrants crossing the border this year.

“I didn’t hear any outrage,” Mr DeSantis said. “The only thing I hear from them is that you have 50 of them that end up at Marth’s Vineyard. Then they get really upset. I’m so sorry these immigrants are being treated horribly by Biden. They’re hungry, homeless, and have no chance at all. “

Later in the event, Mr. DeSantis acknowledged that Florida itself doesn’t have much of a problem with its high numbers of immigrants, even describing immigrants as merely “one-piece suits” entering the state

“We’re not seeing a massive migration of them to Florida,” Mr. DeSantis said.


Delaware prepares for its own immigration flight

Cities and states across the country have struggled with unexpected flights and buses full of immigrants from Republican border states. Delaware may be next.

The governor’s office and community groups are bracing for an influx of asylum seekers on Tuesday after reports surfaced that a plane was planning to leave Texas and land near Joe Biden’s beach home in Rehoboth Beach.

“Our team is [Delaware Emergency Management Agency] and [Delaware Department of Health and Social Services] are working with community organizations and other partners to ensure immigrants arriving here have the support they need,” said a spokesman for Governor John Carney’s office. Tell Delaware Online Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz targeted the president’s vacation home as another immigrant vehicle.


Governor Ron DeSantis press conference begins now

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is currently holding an event in Manatee County to promote his budget and tax agenda, but he has a chance to address the growing scandal over government-funded immigration flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

You can watch the event live here, We will monitor for updates.


Migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard received pamphlets with false promises of aid and jobs. who made it?

Before they boarded a plane to Martha’s Vineyard, a group of about 50 immigrants in San Antonio, Texas, received a tri-fold brochure called “Massachusetts Refugee Benefits.”

The cover includes a photo of a Massachusetts Department of Transportation highway sign that reads “Massachusetts Welcomes You” with an illustration of the state.

On the back is printed in English and Spanish the name, phone number and website of the Massachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants, a state agency that assists resettlement agencies and works with community groups to provide assistance to newly arrived refugees.

But the agency has nothing to do with the flyers. The flyer, derided as looking like a government document, falsely suggested that the predominantly Venezuelan group of asylum seekers in the United States would be eligible for cash assistance, housing, food, job training, job interviews and other benefits.

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