Lost Ark’s Drone-Wielding Machinist Class Lands September 28

The Lost Ark will receive another new class in the form of a mechanic on September 28, and publisher Amazon has now detailed a variety of airstrikes, bullet barrages, and futuristic weapons that players will be able to try out soon.

The Mechanic is the newest advanced class for the Gunslinger character, for details see the new blog post, specialized in dealing damage from a distance with the help of high-tech drones. The class’s identification skill, Hypersync, dresses the player up as a futuristic super suit, further empowering the mechanic until its power is exhausted.

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When it comes to career sculpting, players have two play styles to build on. The first is Evolutionary Legacy, which emphasizes Hypersync mode, while the second is Arthentinean Skill, which aims to improve the effectiveness of drone skills.

Drones really look to be the star of the show, enabling mechanics to deliver precise laser strikes from a distance, use drones to maneuver around the battlefield and send small swarms of self-destructing drones to target locations. Mechanics can even use drones as Mega Man-style Buster cannons.

The Mechanic has two awakening skills to choose from. One, aptly named Airstrike, conducts massive airstrikes on target locations, while the other, eventually explodes, seeing mechanics sacrifice their drones for a massive explosion. Don’t worry, as the new drone will replace it immediately, meaning mechanics will never have to go long without their flying death robot.

The Mechanic will arrive with Lost Ark’s second September update, which will also introduce the new Kakul-Saydon Legion raid and special progression events. The last patch for the free-to-play MMORPG improved the game’s strongholds, balance changes, and various quality-of-life updates, while a summer-themed update in late August introduced a new Pet Ranch feature.

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