How To Kill Harriet In Deathloop: Chaos Theory Guide

Knowing how to kill Harriet in Deathloop, like all visionaries, requires practice and a deep understanding of the game’s day and night cycle. In the best games, Harriet will be the first visionary you take away If you want to round them efficiently. But the path to her can be complicated, like a lot of death loops.Here’s how to pass Chaos Theory Story Missions.

Death Loop: How to Kill Harriet

Harriet is a unique target in Arkane’s murder sandbox, as she can’t seem to be moved from her headquarters in Carl Bay. There, she leads a small group of cult-like eternalists, and like Jim Jones, she seems happy to distance herself from the rest of the world and maintain power over her followers. So you need to take her to Carr Bay, especially in the morning.

Harriet’s complete refusal to move makes her predictable, but she’s also dug into places like the fort. At the end of Carl Bay you will find two large hangars numbered 1 and 2 on either side. Harriet will always be in hangar number 2. There are a number of ways you can sneak into this hangar in traditional Arkane style.

Harriet was always waiting in Hangar 2.
Harriet was always waiting in Hangar 2.

You can use double jump and Shift to zoom to the top of the hangar. You can use the Aether Slab to infiltrate the many guards in Hangar 1 and then walk through the connecting corridor between the two hangars. Of course, you can also knock everyone down and go through the big opening in the front.

Whatever you choose to do, Harriet will be there waiting, though depending on how you play, she may be on guard and ready to trade bullets. If you can sneak into the hangar, you’ll find her standing in the cockpit of a suspended plane, speaking to some of her disciples. On her right, if you enter from the front or side of the hangar, you won’t find any entrance, but you can sneak in from the left in a few ways.

My favorite way is to crouch under the slightly open garage-style door on the ground floor. While it just looks too small to fit, there’s a place you can squeeze in, as uneven floors will sink a little – or move to the other side of it if you can. Alternatively, you can climb up the railings and ceiling fixtures and sneak through the window to the bedroom on the next floor, but you’ll need the Aether Slab to do this quietly because the windows are reinforced with tripwires.

Questions in Arkane games always have many correct answers.
Questions in Arkane games always have many correct answers.

Once you’re behind the enemy line on the left, you can sneak into her level. There will be two or three Eternalist cronies in her room. Take them out in any way necessary, but understand that she’ll also have time to get aggressive if you’re loud here, and she’s got a gun that fires poison cloud-forming ammo, which is really in a hurry.

As usual, Deathloop left most of it how It’s up to you, but the same thing All you absolutely have to do is kill Harriet in this area in the morning level at Carl Bay. Doing this any way you choose will be the first step in killing all seven dreamers in a loop. While you’re there, make sure to destroy Frank’s fireworks so you can kill him later.

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