How To Kill Frank In Deathloop: Ramblin’ Frank Mission Guide

Of all the seven death cycle visionaries, learning how to kill Frank is perhaps the most satisfying. You can design an ending for Frank so that you’ll be hundreds of feet away when he dies, although a lot of preparation is required in the looping plot.If you want to know how to do ramblin frank story quest and Kill Frank in a death loophere’s what you need to know.

how to kill frank in death loop

Frank has a fireworks show planned for Updam at night, and that’s where you want to kill him. But getting to that point required more work than just showing up that night. start, Travel to Updam any time other than in the morningThere, you’ll learn that Otto’s studio, where Frank’s fireworks were made, burned down due to a power system failure.

Otto's Workshop is only available in Updaam (morning) unless you stop it from future fires.
Otto’s Workshop is only available in Updaam (morning) unless you stop it from future fires.

The entire building burns down “before noon,” which is your next clue. You can even skip the above and start right here. Depart for Updam in the morning In the next cycle, you will be able to explore the workshop before it suffers a serious breakdown. In fact, you can stop it altogether. If you look around the store, you will see that there are five power lines leading to the building. Trace these cables to their origin and deactivate each one. If you close all five, the workshop will avoid burning out in that cycle.

The cables are easy to understand, but if you want to scramble them, you can find their source at:

  • Just outside the back door of Otto Studios
  • In an alley next to the Colt Apartments
  • on the lower level of the library
  • There are two more in a nearby apartment building across the street from Otto Studio

Next, Return to Updam at noon or later. Now the building is still one piece, you can dive into it and read the messages on the terminal – they are not there in the morning. An exchange will reveal the code to enter Otto’s off-site fireworks mission at Carl Bay.

Prevent Fire Get the password, then use the password to get in here.
Prevent Fire Get the password, then use the password to get in here.

Although all passwords in Deathloop are unique to a specific player’s save data, Most passwords (including this one) won’t change through different loops, so you don’t need to perform these previous steps once you have the password.The final piece of the puzzle is to Carl Bay Destroy fireworks at any time other than at night. Look for the small fireworks shelter on the water on the east side of the area.Using the password, you can enter the shed and Ruining Frank’s Fireworks.

To destroy them you need to interact with them and choose “Blocking the Rain Wings” from the list of options. This is the only correct way to destroy fireworks.After that, Frank will continue to show his fireworks display Updam at night. You’ll hear him from a distance through a loudspeaker as he begins the ritual. He will notice that something has gone wrong, but it will be too late. Frank would explode off-camera. Well done, keep your hands clean, Colt.

If you want to kill all seven visionaries in one loop, you’ll need to go through the process to get Frank to keep pace with the others. Stay tuned for more guides on death loops, including this dramatic ending.

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