How To Kill Charlie And Fia Together In Deathloop: Afternoon Delight Guide

In Deathloop, killing all visionaries in one day can be difficult. As far as we know, there is no way to get all seven to the same place at the same time. However, you can combine some of them, such as Charlie and Fia. If you’re wondering how to find this mysterious couple in a room, here’s everything you need to know.Warning: More fun tasks in the afternoon – let’s call it complicated– than most others.

Death Loop: How to Kill Charlie and Fia at the Same Time

Obviously, think this guide has story spoilers. Last chance to quit. still? OK So Charlie and Fia maintain a secret relationship in Deathloop. You can see this for yourself by attending Charlie’s LARP (Condition Detachment) on Updaam. However, that’s just where you get this thread, and if you’re here, you’ve probably come that far — and you can skip that part anyway.

where you really want to start is Frista Rock in the afternoon. Go to Fia’s bunker, which is inside the hill you see below, and follow the waterfront all the way to the right. Be careful not to fall in or you will lose your health immediately or even drown.

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Once you go around the rock formations, you will find a Secret bunker number 9 on the outer wall. It will turn on, but you can’t go further because you’ll end up in a room with a weird computer and multiple monitors.

find available Audio Memos and Notes Learn that the device belongs to Charlie. The room was locked so that he and Fia could enjoy private time together in the tunnel shaft on the other side of the locked door. You need a password, but unfortunately you don’t have one yet. Instead, you’ll get a four-digit safe code.

These numbers (which will vary in your game) will not appear the first time you visit.
These numbers (which will vary in your game) will not appear the first time you visit.

A note will show where this password is used: HHead to Carr Bay at any time of the day, so even if your next level works, go there. Once there, look for buildings decorated with mysterious images where you started the level.

enter it and find locked safe. Depending on the door you are using, it may be right in front of you when you open it.The password you got in Fristad Rock will be used here, so enter your password and Retrieve the mysterious love letter from Fia.

Inside this safe is the key code from Fia.
Inside this safe is the key code from Fia.

Her strange wording is actually the code of an environmental puzzle frista rock. you need to Back there at noon Go back up the mountain on the subsequent loop, this time into her bunker. Be careful not to annoy her as she walks around with a kill switch that can stop your investigation. Take her out quietly, or just avoid setting off the Eternal’s alarm.

At the same time, looking for Paint red symbols around the bunker, Usually displayed on a wall or floor. While there are a dozen of these paintings, four of them contain the relevant information you’re looking for. This part can be random (most of the game is random) so use her word puzzle clues to find the correct image around the cover in your case, or you can do like me and try to find all of them until You and I found the right foursome.

These big red and green symbols aren't actually Christmas decorations.
These big red and green symbols aren’t actually Christmas decorations.

Once you’ve found all four, you’ll automatically unlock Fia’s code and get four separate numbers, each one or two digits long. Now you have the code to unlock Charlie and Fia’s romantic hideout.

With this you’ll have everything you need to kill both Charlie and Fia in any loop you choose. the code never changes, so you can drop all previous steps and search and destroy Frista Rock in the afternoon. Go back to their secret bunker, enter the code, walk down the pump station tunnel, and sneak past them while their, er, lovers fight, looking for the all-important lever. Pull it and watch the chaos that ensues.

Now, this part is tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not in the last life at that particular level, you can watch the room fill up quickly with water. Fia and Charlie will inevitably drownbut you’ll also — although you’ll also see a funny moment between them as they take their last breaths.

not a penny ship
not a penny ship

If you’d rather run away with your life (and your Residuum), you’ll want to book it out of the tunnel as soon as you pull that lever. Back on the way you came, climb up the shaft you came down from.there’s even a shortcut On the level where you pull the red lever.went a long way around the control room Find a room with a red light. Knock on the door to open it. That way, you don’t need to go down the mountain before climbing all the way back, giving you a few extra seconds to overcome the turbulent water.

Once you get to the top, you’re back in the room with that weird computer, well above where the water rises. Fia and Charlie won’t be so lucky. If you’re hoping to kill all seven visionaries in one day, killing them this way is the best way we know of.

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