How To Get Wenjie To The Party In Deathloop: What Wenjies Want Guide

Arguably the hardest visionary to kill in Deathloop is Wen Jie. The self-cloning scientist is married to her work, so if you hope to kill all visionaries in a loop, you’ll need to jump over a few hurdles to get her to Aleksis’s party. Fortunately, while the process is fairly complicated, you only need to do it once. Follow these steps to get Wenjie partying and she’ll be your killer.

How to kill Wenjie in a death loop

In the afternoon, Wenjie hangs out at The Complex, where she spends time with other versions of herself. You can kill all of them to collect her slate, but if you want to beat her in The Complex, you’ll never be able to kill all seven Visionaries in one loop because you’ll need to spend your afternoon rocking in Fristad Kill Charlie and Fia. You’ll need to get Vinjay to Alexis’ party in Updam.

For this you would actually want to Make sure you’ve completed the afternoon fun tasks– The one that revealed how to kill Charlie and Fia together. During that mission, you’ll find a code to gain access to Wenjie’s private quarters at The Complex in the afternoon.

Use that code – it will vary during your playthrough, so I won’t say mine here – and sneak into her room to investigate further.Pick up all the notes and voice memos available and you’ll find many of her clones merged in that loop into a real Wenjie, but She ended up refusing to go to Aleksis’s party Because he invites her rather rudely with his trademark lack of need to Fake friendlier invitationsonce you do that, it happens automatically on every loop from then on, so you never need to do it again.

You need a sound sample of the Aleksis sound.For this, first Head to Updaam at night and enter Aleksis’ private room during his party. The etheric steps work wonders here, because there are eternists everywhere. In his bedroom, you’ll find a note with a security code.

To get into the Updaam safe at noon, you need to take this note from Aleksis's bedroom during his party.
To get into the Updaam safe at noon, you need to take this note from Aleksis’s bedroom during his party.

Next, Go to Updaam at noon and go to the ground floor of the library. Look for a locked safe standing upright in the middle of the room. Open it with your new code.Inside, you will find a wolf statue It contains audio logs from Aleksis.

In his vanity, Aleksis hangs around for a long time, and once you pick up the audio log, it autoplays and loops forever. That means you’ll need to either drop it, silently take out guards along the way, and retrieve it, or just be prepared for a loud gunfight as the constant rambling will warn nearby enemies. Your destination is Charlie’s Conditional Detachment LARP across the bridge.

Once you've got the (annoying) statue, take it to 2-BIT in the LARP settings.
Once you’ve got the (annoying) statue, take it to 2-BIT in the LARP settings.

fight to the top 2-BIT, a robot designed by Charlie (using part of his brain) runs LARP as a gamemaster. The robot is stationary, and once you use it to break into the room, all doors will lock and shutters will close, so you are free to stand up and catch your breath, even if the Eternalists and/or Charlie are still wandering outside the door.

Place the wolf statue next to the robot and talk to it. Select the dialogue option “Give Wenjie what she wants”. This will allow 2-BIT to use the bot’s voice-matching abilities to create a new, friendlier party invitation, from “Aleksis” to Wenjie.Even better, the robot is unique in that it remembers the course of each new cycle, so Once you fake an invitation, you never need to do it againFrom then on, Wenjie was destined to arrive at the party during the Updaam (evening) portion of each cycle.

It’s also where you’ll want her all the time, as she’ll join Frank, Egor, and Aleksis in the event (they appear automatically), allowing you to kill more than half of the Visionaries in one loop – eventually killing all of them in one day Visionaries.

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